Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello Monday!

I am linking up with Lisa for Hello Monday.

126/366 :: ready for the date night  

Hello Monday!
Hello summery feeling in the air.  Welcome sun and warmth.
Hello last five weeks of school {I am glad you are almost over}!

125/366 :: my quarterly arrived

Hello 3191 Quarterly.
I want to try your cookie recipe and gaze at your lovely images.
 127/366 :: sunday night swim

Hello Sunday night swimming. You feel like such a luxury. I am glad you are here.

 Cucumber water and coloring

Hello cucumber water and coloring with the boys (they were happily occupied for a long-ish time this afternoon just coloring and cutting images and gluing them to another sheet).

 matilija poppies

Hello Matilija poppy.  You are gorgeous.

Hello work week.
Hello lunches packed and in the fridge.
Hello morning coffee in my travel mug.
Hello iPod full of new podcasts.

What are you saying hello to today?  Summer is getting closer and closer and am so happy about that.  


Sarah said...

me, too :)
Happy Nurses week, too!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks, Sarah.

Krispie said...

I put up a website for a girl I went out with that is a flight nurse. Check it out and tell me what you think