Thursday, April 26, 2012

my week in instagram

107/366 :: new puzzle
Dieter doing a new puzzle from the Scandinavian festival.  It's a map of Norway.
  I love Instagram!  It's so easy and spontaneous (unlike the new Blogger which is driving me batty).  I thought I'd share some of my Instagram photos from the last week or so.

113/366 :: whole wheat chocolate chip cookies
We made these whole wheat chocolate chip cookies from the book Good to the Grain.  I've heard raves about this recipe on various blogs but I find them to be "just okay."  Have you tried it?
112/366 :: nature table freshen up
I did a little "nature table freshen up" on Saturday when I was doing some cleaning.  I am obsessed with the home grown roses right now.  Roses are currently my favorite flower.
109/366 :: pixies for sale
This is up the street from my house and I often pass it on my walk. 
114/366 :: I got a new iPhone case
I ordered a new iPhone case and I loved this little card that came with it.  It's currently on my inspiration clipboard at work.
Nature table 2
Another view of the nature table, a few days later.  You can see that Rainer removed the sand dollar.  It's his.  He reclaimed it.
115/366 :: neighborhood roses
More neighborhood roses.  These were on my walk.
116/366 :: across from the grocery
Last night I ran out to the grocery to pick up milk and a few things, and this was the lovely view when I came out.  I see this museum every day, but it was so lovely it the evening light.  I love spring for that. 
lantern fish
The boys are taking an after school class right now--Ocean Science--and they made these lantern fish today.  Sorry for the small text in today's post.  Still not figuring out the new Blogger.  I'm so frustrated!  I can't figure out how to insert text--only "captions."


Anonymous said...

I've not had much chance to look at your blog for a while as I had a baby on new years eve, a girl called Molly! However after recently getting an iPad i have spent many a happy hour catching up with what you have been up to and reading old posts while feeding my baby. I love your crafts and your home looks beautiful, I find the blog so inspirational. Best wishes, Natasha (i used to sign In as country girl.)

Elizabeth said...

I love that nature table so much, I wish we had a good spot for one in our house! On the whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, I think the trick is to under bake them a little and to use (if possible) chopped chocolate instead of chocolate chips. I use chopped bittersweet chocolate and it ends up with little tiny melty bits in every bite. (Of course, they are very best as dough, I think, when we have them I routinely eat an embarrassing amount of dough from the freezer. Mmmm. Makes me wish I wasn't off sugar for the month!)

Mary Beth said...

Natasha (Country Girl)--yes, I totally remember you. Congrats on your new baby! Enjoy her--they grow up so so fast. And I'm so happy to hear that you've been enjoying the blog. Hooray!

Elizabeth--you are right. The recipe does call for chopped up chocolate. I should try that.

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks, it's nice to be remembered! Yes we're enjoying Molly, and her big brother Sam adores her too. I must get into blogging again, i have really enjoyed catching up on yours. It's always been my favourite. Have a lovely weekend. Natasha x