Friday, April 27, 2012

happy friday!

high school
tree, sky
high school
high school
playing field
high school
grassy field
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I am so so happy to make it to Friday this week! A little break is much needed, and warm and sunny weather is in the forecast. Yay!

On the dreamy side, I'm wanting to paint my toenails, go for a swim with the family, try a new recipe, make a DIY lip scrub, wear something pretty to bed, make muffins for breakfast, and bring in a bouquet of roses.

Practically speaking, I need to clean up around the house and do laundry, deal with my clutter in the corner of the kitchen (lots of magazines and catalogs and that sort of thing, not to mention a big plastic bin of Easter stuff that hasn't been put away yet!), make a menu plan for the week and do a Trader Joe's run since I didn't do it on my way home on Friday as usual.

 The photos above are from my school. Several times a week I walk to the back campus and this is my view. I think it's quite pretty and so nice to get a bit of fresh air.  What are you up to this weekend?


Sarah said...

That looks like a nice, warm, relaxing place to take a break in the middle of a work day.
This for dreamy: a 10 mile run with my mom, making cookies with the boys, making banana bread to get rid of the extra ripe bananas, find another non-diabetes related book to read, watch a movie with the hubs.
practical: a little project for Ethan's teacher, fixing Isaac's rocket, laundry, and weeding :)
Busy weekend for sure, let's see what gets done for both of us!

Mary Beth said...

Sarah--a 10 mile run? Wow--you are impressive. I'm feeling good about just working in a few walks a week.

Are you a "Little House" fan? If so, I am loving "The Wilder Life." Highly recommended!