Wednesday, January 25, 2012

weekend crafting

weekend making

weekend making

weekend making

Rainer received this book for Christmas and on Sunday he asked to do a project from it. I admit to feeling a bit grumpy at first, because this kind of project requires a lot of adult help (or at least it does for Rainer), but on the other hand, how can I really argue with the desire to make something? So we followed the (easy) instructions and I think these turned out pretty cute -- and I was no longer grumpy. Rainer made two and Dieter made two. And now they are decorating our nature table.

Afterwards, the boys got out a big tub of art supplies that Dieter received for his birthday and they made lots of things on their own, so a nice balance was struck.

weekend making


Tava said...

Oh, yes, so familiar with those books. I sell distribute Usborne books. We have many in that "Things to Make and Do" line. Great rainy/snowy day activities. My son likes the monkeys from that book.
Feel free to check out the others at my website:
*and I would be happy to send one along for Dieter and Rainer to review :)

Tava said...

They might like "Pirate Things to Make and Do", or "Monster Things to Make and Do". Fun stuff :)

MadameRenard said...

Lovely turtles!!! :D

Andrea said...

What cute turtles. It's great when kids voluntarily want to do craft projects, but I admit I get irritated too when it's going to be elaborate. I think I just like doing things on muy terms...time to let that go. You are, as always, an inspiration.

Melissa Nichols said...

I know exactly what you mean about feeling grumpy about art gifts sometimes. The turtles are adorable though! My 4 year old loves to paint, and most of the time I let him, but you know sometimes... ;o)

Mary Beth said...

Tava--how sweet! Yes, I think we would all love that--maybe the pirate themed one. Thank you!!

Andrea-- thank you!

Tava said...

Hi Mary Beth,
Can you email me and let me know where to ship it. And please let the boys know I really appreciate their feedback to share with other kids ;)
Also, I am so sorry to read your post about Rainer having to go in for another surgery. You and he are in my thoughts.