Saturday, January 28, 2012


tonight's walk
{a scene from my walk}

How is your Saturday so far?

I don't have a complete dreamy/practical list this week. I'm actually feeling in sort of a "practical" mood and have spent most of the day so far cleaning, running laundry loads, and figuring out banking/budget stuff. But later this afternoon Ken and I are going to see "Twilight" at the dollar theater and then go for dinner at Chipotle (my fave!), which sounds pretty dreamy to me. And the boys always think staying with their grandparents for an evening is dreamy too.

Tomorrow I want to do art projects with the boys--maybe make some hearts for Valentines day. And it is super warm and summery, so we should do an outdoor activity too.

What are your plans?

tonight's walk
{at the neighbor's}


Dee said...

I made your favorite muesli bars yesterday - they were a big hit, but a little bit fally apart. Any tips on getting them to stay firm? -dee

Jessica said...

I feel like my weekends are almost always full of the practical...need to make more room for the dreamy!
Practical::Laundry, grocery shopping and a farm run for milk and eggs
Dreamy::cast-off cardi for dear friend's dd and cast-on shawlette for my mom's bday, make fresh playdough, eat really well with all of the groceries in the fridge!

Mary Beth said...

Dee--I have two tips. One--make sure you use Medjool dates. If you use regular dates, add some extra honey (a good bit). Also, I wrap them individually and store them in a tin in the refrigerator. They are best cold--they do soften up at room temp (but are still good).

Jessica--I love your dreamy/practical list. Thanks for sharing!