Monday, November 28, 2011

hello monday! {linking up with lisa}

Hello Monday!
Hello being tired but ready for getting back into the routine of work and school.
Hello laundry that is washed, dried, folded and put away.
Hello feeling a bit more organized than usual for the week.

faith home from college!
Goodbye teens that have all gone back to college.
Goodbye random multiple coffee outings over the entire vacation (I loved this one with Faith on Thanksgiving morning).
Hello getting back to reality with my eating and weigh-ins.

advent calendar ready to go!
Hello advent calendar, assembled and ready to go for Thursday (still loving doing the advent calendar this way).
Hello cleaning up and taking down the fall/Thanksgiving decorations.
Goodbye golds, browns, and yellows. Hello bright and festive colors.

fall color (in so. cal)
Hello Monday. I am excited and grateful for a new week and for my family and job.
Hello Monday. I am ready for you.

I am linking up with Lisa for Hello Monday. What are you saying hello to today?


Hannah Joy said...

Hello brand new washer/dryer!

Hello beautiful happy children

Hello adorable kittens

Hello morning after a wonderful evening with friends

Hello coffee!

Rain said...

Hello 5:00 am (with my early rising baby)

Hello new yarn

Hello cinnamon chex for desert-my new favorite.

Hello NYTimes still sitting on my table who has time to read it?

Hello earlier bedtime (9pm) so I can get up with early rising baby.)