Monday, November 28, 2011

more pics from thanksgiving

pie table!
We had a fun and family oriented, simple, potluck style Thanksgiving. I have a smallish, single wall oven, so oven space is really at a premium. Here's what we do: my mom heats up her dishes thoroughly at her home in her own oven, then transports them in a cooler lined with thick towels and pieces of cardboard (the cardboard is used to separate the layers of dishes). It works great, and the food arrives hot. I'm not sure how long you can hold food this way, but I'm guessing about an hour or so.

I made three pies this year, simply out of the love of pie: apple with crumb topping, traditional pumpkin, and Toll House. Yes, this messed up my diet, because I am impossible around the leftovers. Fortunately, they are all gone now.

me with faith
Me and Faith. It was really fun having her home from college.

the table set for thanksgiving
Setting the table.

at thanksgiving
James, Lori, Faith, Jacob.

ken and rainer
Ken and Rainer.

ben with the little boys
Ben and the little boys.

I can't believe December is nearly upon us and we only have three more weeks of school and then another vacation!


Mama Bean said...

Your thanksgiving looks lovely - so nice to have all the family together. I wish we celebrated the whole 'giving thanks' idea in the UK.

Amy said...

Hello Mary Beth, I have a few questions.,
I'm thinking about sewing fabric gift bags to reuse for family gifts. Love the idea you posted awhile back. I am curious, will my nephews miss ripping open boxes? I know my girls 8 and 4 wouldn't mind. Is it okay to ask for them back to refill next year? I am close with my sis but knowing kids they may want them for storing. Also, could you share your sugar cookie recipe you used for the leaf cookies?
Thanks for blogging! Happy Holidays, Amy