Monday, October 17, 2011

hello monday! {linking up with lisa}

Hello Monday!
Hello cool nights and hot days
Hello cooler temps than last week (thank goodness)
Hello back to work and early mornings
Hello coffee and podcasts on my commute

pumpkin patch
Hello trip to the pumpkin patch
Hello hay mazes and sunflower mazes and tasting the first pumpkin pie of the season

walking the hay maze
Hello picking one pumpkin and listening to a sweet live trio
Hello hay ride and petting animals in the petting zoo

baked apple
Hello baked apples and counting every point
Hello week with almost all my "extra" points already used up
Hello looking forward to meeting my friend on Thursday for our coffee and weigh-in

satureday play date
Hello playdates and making new friends
Hello changing out the rocks in the tumbler
Hello tree climbing and running in the back yard

sunday playdate
Hello playing pretend
Hello celebrating the yellow gnome's birthday

playing the "trading" game

Hello new week. I hope you are a good one!

I am linking up with Lisa today for a Hello Monday post and you can too.
What are you saying hello to this Monday?


Laura said...

Thank you for an inspiring & beautiful start to Monday!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Gorgeous evidence of a life fully lived. (That pumpkin patch/barn pic is fantastic!)

Jennifer said...

So wonderful! I especially like baked apples. :) What was your recipe for that? Also, I was wondering if you could post how many points things you've made are? Some of the stuff looks so yummy and I'd love to make them for myself! WW is amazing and I've lost a great deal!

barefoot mama said...

I love all the color on your blog but I don't know if I can come back, your blog makes me really hungry:) Barefoot mama, TX