Saturday, October 29, 2011

eating this week (on weight watchers)

I had a good Weight Watchers week this week--I lost 1.8! Now I am very nearly at goal (still have 1.2 to go) and I am beginning to contemplate maintenance and what that will look like. Here are some of the things we've been eating--

I made these corn muffins from this book but alas they were unpopular with the family. I admit they were a little dry, but good enough (to me) with a little butter and honey. (3 points per muffin or 7 points for two muffins. Sometimes it just works out that way).

chicken chili from dals
I also made this chicken chili from Dinner a Love Story. Again, not a hit with the family. I thought it was fine. I'm still looking around for a family friendly chili recipe. (6 points per serving + 2 points for the guacamole).

another work lunch:  toasted bagel, avocado, and tomato slices, with sea salt
I'm trying to keep things fresh with my lunches at work, yet still eat very light for lunch. I don't want to always fall back on my favorite lunch and end up getting sick of it. This was a bagel thin with mashed avocado and tomato slices plus sea salt. Fruit and raw veggies on the side plus two of those super tiny oatmeal cookies from Trader Joe's. (6 points for the entire lunch).

rainer's birthday dinner
For Rainer's birthday dinner he chose steak and pilaf, which I thought was so cute. He's also a huge mushroom fan, so I sauteed some for him. My mom made that amazing salad. It's her "famous" go-to salad. (14 points for the plate, because that pilaf is really buttery. I weighed out my steak at 3 ounces).

friday night tacos at chipotle
Ken and I had a "date night" last night and ate at Chipotle. I got the tacos to save on a few points since the burritos are so super huge. I counted these as 15 and they were super delicious and filling but not overly so like the burritos can be. I did not get any cheese or rice in these, but I did ask for a little sour cream.

hummus and pita for lunch
Another new lunch. I got the middle eastern flatbreads from Trader Joe's and the white bean hummus. Toast the flatbread lightly (you have to bend it a little bit to fit it into the toaster) and spread with the hummus and add the tomato and cucumber slices right into the sandwich and fold it over. Fruit for dessert. I counted this lunch as 6 points.

I had a lot of treats this week (ice cream cake from Rainer's birthday, and some of the leftover cookies) but not to exceed one per day, and I counted the points. One of the things I really like about Weight Watchers is that you can eat really light and healthy but also add in a treat now and then so as not to feel deprived. It's really working out for me, and now, with nine pounds lost, I'm really feeling thinner and lighter.


M. Meyers said...

Hi, Mary Beth,

I really enjoy your blog; you're always so honest and real. I recently made this chili from the Penzeys catalog and it's great! If the link doesn't work, just google Penzeys refried bean chili. I decreased chili powder to 2 tbl. and did not use the kidney beans. I also did not rinse the Ranch Style beans as I love that flavor. This chili has a great texture.

Hope you like it!

Shelley McD said...

Your Mom's salad does look amazing. Would she/you share the recipe?

mom2dagny said...

Here's a great 'white' chili recipe my kiddos really like...esp when i serve with tortilla chips:

1 pkg (maybe 1lb) Ground Turkey
1 Onion - diced
1 can black beans, drained
1 can white kidney beans, drained
1 jar salsa verde from Trader Joes
about 1/2 pint of cherry tomatoes halved.

I cook on stovetop in large pan, saute onion & turkey, sprinkle with some cumin and oregano. Add beans ans salsa verde. I add tomatoes last, my kids like them more firm than less. Serve with cheese and guacamole. It's super duper quick, and tastes great. Lots of flavor for a quick meal. Hope it appeals to you, I get a lot from your blog, thanks!

Mary Beth said...

Both of these recipes sound amazing. Thank you! I'm trying both.

Roberta said...

Cornbread is really popular at our house (or maybe just butter and honey is?). I substitute the fat with an equal amount of pumpkin or sweet potato puree and it comes out really moist.

I have a Lebanese friend who toasts her flatbread directly on the gas burner on the stove, until it gets puffy.

I thought I'd just pass that info along -- hop it helps. It looks like everything is yummy at your place!

Jen said...

My family LOVED this turkey chili from skinnytaste. Don't know if you have explored this website, but she has some amazing recipes, WW points included!

Sarah said...

do you mind reminding me where you got your great lunch box?
And BTW I need to stop reading your blog after dinner as it makes me HUNGRY!

Mary Beth said...

Hi Sarah. It is from Planet Box and I am still LOVING it. It's crazy how much I love my lunchbox. It makes packing a lunch so easy and portion controlled.