Thursday, October 27, 2011

ice cream birthday cake

ice cream birthday cake
I love the simplicity of this cake. Not a cake really, but delicious ice cream in a cookie crust. Super yum and so easy to make.

I got the original inspiration over at Momfilter (I am loving that site, by the way). I did mine just slightly differently than described. I took a package of "Joe-Joe's" (the Trader Joe's version of Oreos) and smashed two rows of them in the food processor. I combined the finely smashed crumbs with a stick of melted butter and pressed the mixture into a springform pan and baked for 10 mins (350F).

After the crust cooled, Rainer and I spread in softened chocolate ice cream (the really good super-premium stuff from Trader Joe's) and sprinkled over broken Joe-Joe's. I let that set in the freezer for awhile, then we spread over softened vanilla ice cream and put it back in the freezer. That's it! I let it soften a bit before I cut into it, but it was still super hard to cut through that crust, though. But worth it. I loved this cake.

ice cream birthday cake
Thanks so much to everyone for weighing in on my birthday post. It sounds like a lot of us are on the same page. I'll be answering your questions about Halloween soon, in a post this weekend. Happy almost-weekend to all!


Family of 4.... said...

Thanks for posting MaryBeth and happy belated bday to your Rainer. :-)

My daughter asked for an ice cream cake so I think I am going to try this one.

Yes,I like the simpler bday parties too. I think we've become pretty weighed down by the perfect bday party for kids. The expectations are high now.


chibiaion said...

Cheers for the celebrant, really wonderful cake for the special occasion. Must take note on this one. :D
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Maiz Connolly said...

You should have seen the saucer-eyes on my boys when I told them about Rainer's cake! We are definitely going to try this one...