Thursday, August 11, 2011

flourless pb cookies

flourless pb cookies

I've seen recipes like this before and have always wanted to try them. These are peanut butter cookies made with only 5 ingredients and no flour or butter. They were super easy to mix up (I love a cookie that can be mixed by handl) and although I had my doubts going in, they turned out great. The texture is soft, so wouldn't replace my "regular" peanut butter cookie (which I originally got off the back of the Jif container, back in the day when we were still buying that. I was a die-hard Jif girl for many years but have since moved on to "natural" peanut butter--it was a hard transition . . .) but these are a nice change of pace. The thing that really struck me is that since you don't have to buy flour at all, these would be great for Faith to make at college--at least in theory. She's going to have a kitchen down the hall from her room. I can see her making these and sharing them with her roommates and kids on her floor.

flourless pb cookies

Recipe found via Pinterest. Original recipe here. We froze the extras and they were excellent straight from the freezer. Delish!


Kristin said...

Thanks for the recipe- they sure look good! I like to mix things up by hand too- one reason I love brownies so much. It looks easy enough for the kids to make by themselves- always a plus.

Carrie said...

These look AMAZING and so very simple. I can't wait to try them.

KnitterMama said...

That transition from Extra Crunchy Jiffy to natural stuff was really tough for me too. Now that I have made it, the other stuff tastes like candy to me, These look really really good

Lina said...

Just getting back to this - I made these on Friday and they are fantastic, thanks so much for passing them along. Mine didn't spread too much, I actually had to smoosh them a bit to keep them from mounding. They are dangerously easy and fast though. :)