Saturday, August 13, 2011

prepping for 30 day vegan

prepping for 30 day vegan

30 Day Vegan--Summer Session-- starts on Monday. I've prepared just a bit so far, by going through my vegan recipes and starting a shopping list. Heather invited us to spend some time in the kitchen this weekend, putting things in order and getting ready. I didn't do anything major--just straightened up and dealt with some piles of clutter--still, it feels good going into the workshop with an organized workspace.

Why am I repeating the vegan workshop? The major reason is that, left to my own devices, my diet tends to go off course. Once again I need to straighten out and eat more healthfully. I do very well with structure and following a program, so this is perfect for me. Also, the timing is so much better for me this time. I still have a bit of summer break left, so I'll have more time for food prep and for journaling the experience. Also, last time Rainer was in the hospital right at the beginning of the program and I had to jump right in, two days late, and never really felt rested and organized around the whole experience. I expect the whole process to be easier this time around, since I already have a number of go-to vegan recipes that I know I like and are successful. And of course, with the summer produce all coming due, it's the perfect time to eat more veggies! I love the idea of starting the school year eating healthfully and hopefully feeling more energetic, clearer, and centered. I'll have time over these next two weeks to stock my freezer and gather my recipes and shopping lists so back to school food prep should be pretty smooth.

Here are some scenes from the kitchen today:
in the kitchen
{recipe box, chore cards}

produce from the yard
{produce from the garden}

in the kitchen
{kitchen windows overlooking the back yard}

in the kitchen
{stove, toaster}

in the kitchen
{open shelves}

I'm not a big fan of my dated kitchen, but I do like that it has a lot of counter space and overlooks the back yard. When I'm cooking dinner in the evenings, it gets the most light, which is nice. A few years ago, Ken painted the super ugly wood cabinets white, and that has been a lifesaver.

There is still time to sign up, if you're interested. Workshop starts on Monday.


michelle said...

What beautiful produce you've grown! I am looking forward to starting the course tomorrow as well.

Gift of Green said...

1) Have you done a post about the chore cards?

2) Why do all of your things in your kitchen (magazines, etc.) look so streamlined and organized and mine just look like...clutter? ;)

Can't wait to read about your next 30 days!

Becky said...

It was reading about 30 day vegan on your blog last time that inspired me to have a go this time, Im looking forward to it :-)


cindy said...

I love love love your kitchen! To me, it's not dated, it's vintage and just adorable! It has character, not the cookie cutter type that are in most homes. Wish I had one just like it.

Mary Beth said...

Amy--1) No--they are just little chore sticks Dieter made for me on Mother's Day. He made them at school. One says, "Please set the table." One says, "Please make the bed," and the last one says, "Please put away the toys." The kids get a chuckle out of the phrasing and being handed a little stick flower, so it makes them more likely to do the chore.
2) It was very stacked and cluttered before I spent some time on it yesterday. It's such a relief to have some clean surfaces there now. The Everyday Food magazines would have gotten way out of hand if I had not stopped subscribing 2 years ago.

Michelle and Becky--see you over at 30 day vegan!

Cindy--thank you! It feels really nice to get a different perspective.

KnitterMama said...

Your kitchen is so nice! Open shelves are great, aren't they? How especially neat that it looks out to your backyard. Ours does too but it is not as light...

Andrea said...

I think your kitchen looks pretty and sunny, and lots of counter space is a bonus (if you don't end up using it as a place to land clutter, which I always do). And your backyard produce is amazing!!

Shelley said...

Just signed up today, a little late so no time to prepare before hand. I am so excited to take this course. I find I am losing control (with food) more and more and I just completed a 17 day detox last month with my Naturalpathic Dr. and I'm already falling back into old habits. Ugh... I hope this helps keep me on track.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marybeth,

You always find the coolest calendars and wondered if you could recommend some for 2012? Maybe write a post on it?

Thanks and good luck with 30-day vegan,


Mary Beth said...

Shelley--I really can relate. I always fall into old habits as well. I think you will enjoy the vegan program--it helps so much to join a group, don't you think?

Joyce--yes! I'll do a post. I have a love of calendars.

Hannah said...

I love your table runner, Mary Beth - did you make it yourself?

Kelly - Spinng in the Sun said...

I completely hear you on the group thing...I need a kick in my rear and something to be accountable to sometimes! (well, maybe more than sometimes ;) Love the idea of chore sticks ...think we'll enact those here...

Mary Beth said...

Hannah--yes, I made that one. It's based on one I saw on Soulemama's blog awhile back. Hers seems to be quilted, but mine is not. It was really fun to work on. Not as quick as my other table runners, but fun.

christine ~ ourdayourjourney said...

oh, your organized recipe box is just what i need. i have to get better organized, school starts in 1 week!!!

have fun with the 30 days of vegan. your always so inspiring so i hope you'll post more about your recipes :)