Saturday, July 2, 2011

did you ask me about this little house?

gnome house

gnome house

I got a question about this house on Formspring, then before I could answer, the question disappeared (which happens occasionally, and I never know if the person withdrew their question or if it disappeared in error). Anyway, the question was about this little house and where we purchase our wooden toys. The house came from The Wooden Wagon, although this particular house doesn't seem to be available anymore (other houses here). We get a lot of our other wood toys there too. Other sources for wood toys are Nova Naturals (for our farm) and Padilly (for our wooden Holztiger animals).

My boys love their legos and lightsabers too, but the wooden toys inspire a lot of creativity and imaginative play, which is so important.


Joy said...

So adorable! I agree with the comment about the toys. We have some "Lightning McQueen" type toys that have filtered in lately (very few) but I think the open-ended play of wooden animals, trees, and houses inspire so much creativity and imagination.

lisarenata said...

My daughter has one of the plan toys wooden doll houses and most of the furniture (in fact we, I mean, she has the same living room set your boys do). She also has this awesome wooden tree house, that well both she and her brother spend hours playing with.

I agree with you, I love how wooden toys allow for so much imagination. My son also loves legos, but that is the builder in him. He builds with blocks (the plain Melissa and Dough wooden sets are my favorite. We have two of those), magnets, anything he can find around.

BTW- did you make the little pillows and round cushion in the doll house? I love them!