Thursday, March 3, 2011

welcome march

office inspiration board for march
Another inspiration board from my office. I have really enjoyed this little project--changing it at the first of every month. Once again I wasn't ready for the change, so was rooting around to see what I already had in my bag and desk drawer. Here is what I came up with. A sheet torn from Whole Living, with a postcard from 3191 quarterly and a cut-out from the Australian zine Spoonful (I don't subscribe to that one--not yet anyway--but I did splurge on two issues awhile back. They are lovely). I've gotten over my reluctance to cut up my magazines and I am enjoying them so much more, now. I'm cutting out more recipes, projects and so forth, but having these pretty images on display is my very favorite thing.

Looking forward to in March--

:: 30 day Vegan. So excited for this adventure. I am really needing a whole food cleanse right now. My eating habits have not been exemplary.

:: am currently reading Project Happily Ever After. So interesting. It reminds me of The Happiness Project (and in fact, the Happiness Project blog is where I found the link to the book). It's more about the author's personal narrative than a marriage manual, and for that reason is a real page turner.

:: spending freeze. I'm only a few months from having our debt paid off. I'm going into spending freeze mode again so I don't mess it up. That means no clothes, no crafting supplies, no new books that haven't already been ordered (I admit, I do have one book on the way). I have one trip to Ikea planned when Carrie visits in April, but other than that, no personal spending!!

I love March because I can really see summer looming in the near distance. What are you looking forward to this month?


Andrea said...

Love your inspiration board. I hope to get a glimpse of green before the month is out! Otherwise, I'm planning on cleaning/reorganizing and decorating my office/sewing room/bedroom this month.

* said...

Had never heard of spoonful and just ordered a copy. I love all the inspiration I find here.
Thanks :) Happy March.

Sheila D. said...

Congratulations on being nearly debt free! We were able to do the same LAST March!

We still have our mortgage but, we have a plan to tear that one down sooner than later!

You can do it and I look forward to the celebration!

Julie said...

I love stopping by here and being inspired by what you are sharing!

Bec said...

oooh cutting from magazines, something I have pondered but never actually been able to do. Havent heard of that magazine, off to check it out!

SongbirdSisters said...

I'm also doing the 30 day vegan cleanse! I can't wait to hear about how it works for you and your family. In addition, I'm doing the 'Discovering Y.O.U.' e course from Traci Bautista. And there's the 2 week spring break we have here. :) So it's going to be a busy but fun month!

Denise C. said...

Congrats on almost being debt free! That is awesome!