Saturday, March 5, 2011


post office tower, Saturday morning
{post office, last weekend}

I think a "dreamy/practical" list is in order for the weekend. Rainer will be a bit grumpy and tired (because of the meds he is on right now), but we'll see what suits him. Maybe we can at least do some of this.


:: watch Thomas dvd's with the boys (did last night--cozy)
:: knit on the couch while I watch the boys play
:: drink coffee with whole milk
:: eat Girl Scout cookies (bought some last night in front of the local market)
:: go to Santa Barbara--take a picnic and go to the Natural History museum
:: make a short stop at the beach
:: watch old Nigella Bites episodes
:: wear tights

:: make a notebook for 30 Day Vegan
:: do my final shopping for the program
:: clean kitchen/declutter
:: clean out the fridge
:: make a grainy loaf of bread
:: lots of laundry
:: Sunday routines: cooking, making lunches, getting ready for the week

I actually think a lot of my practical things this weekend are fairly dreamy--I'll enjoy getting ready for the vegan cleanse.

How about you? What are your plans this weekend?


Carrie said...

Buy airline ticket-done!
Use phone bar scanning app to inventory spices.

Denise C. said...

I am finally getting over the flu, so getting on the mend is #1! Hopefully tomorrow my husband & kids are going shopping for a sleeper sofa!

Coffee with whole milk sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

Such a dreamy post office building, and serving a practical purpose as well. My local bureau de poste does not compare! Jennifer in France

Katherine said...

dreamy: nap on the couch

practical: finish cleaning dishes that are lingering in the sink

love these lists:)