Saturday, February 12, 2011

of yoga, rattlesnakes and steak pie

chopping purple onion for the steak pie

I had a really good Saturday. I think my health/energy resolutions are starting to kick in a bit. I feel better. I hope it continues.

Thursday I had to do something hard for me at work. I had to go on our school TV announcements (live TV that goes to all the classrooms) and explain to the kids about the new whooping cough vaccine that they are all required to get (a new law in our state). Doing something that stretches me so far out of my comfort zone was energizing. I think I did well, and the important thing to me (other than the obvious utility of getting the word out) was that I stepped up to the plate and did what I needed to do, even though at first I did not want to.

Another scary thing: I was nearly bitten by a rattlesnake today! Ken and I were hiking and all of a sudden I saw a hissing, coiled snake just a bit to my left. I stopped in my tracks. Ken took my shoulders and pulled me back several steps (he was hiking behind me) and said to back up. Super scary! Only after a moment did I really perceive the sound of the rattle going. Oh my, my heart was pounding. I've never encountered a rattlesnake while hiking before.

I feel I packed a lot of activity into the day. That's another sign that I'm feeling more energetic. I did a "white tornado" on the house pretty early in the morning. I let the boys help with the first part of it. I played music and it felt good. I worked in the studio for a bit and then was at yoga class by 10:45.

In yoga there was a woman on the mat next to me using a lot of essential oils, just rubbing them into her hands and chest and stuff. It was quite shocking when I first smelled it. Eucalyptus, I think. The smell was super strong. After a while, I started to enjoy the scent. Is it weird that she was doing that though? It's an easy, beginner's level class, and she came with her eye pillow and essential oils. Any thoughts?

at out neighbor's house

The neighbor's tree is the exact same color as the onion I chopped for the steak pie. Pretty. It's total spring here, except for at night, when it freezes.

year 3

So, this was the third year of the steak pie. I do love this recipe, but it took me ALL afternoon to prepare. I was doing well, being all mellow and intentional about it, and mindful, but then became a little emotional and quite irritated when we sat down to the meal and one child loudly proclaimed everything on the table "yucky" and another (a teen child) refused to eat anything and sat there with an empty plate because nothing on the table suited her. Major grrr!

The baked butternut squash, from the same cookbook as the pie (Apples for Jam) turned out to be a hit, and I finally remembered to use the butternut squash we saved from summer. It was so nice having a homegrown vegetable at dinner.


Bec said...

Very scary about the rattlesnake!! So glad it didnt bite you. WE just had the kids at a reptile education class the other day talking about snakes and what to do if encountered. That tree is absolutely stunning! What is it called? I also get disapointed if the meal I slave over gets such nasty responses! I made it a rule that no-one has to eat what I prepare but NO ONE is allowed to speak a word of negativity, it really serves no purpose! They are simply allowed to get a piece of fruit or yoghurt and sit back down. Your food looks delicious and I think they may have missed out expecially when you even made the thoughtful efort to decorate it with pastry 'love'. Oh and in regard to essential oils in Yoga class, I cnat say I am in favour. Classes I have been to have always requested that people do not use oils in the room because it can be very disruptive to other people, especially if every one has a different smell wafting around and they clash! I love oils but if any were to be used in a class I would say the instructor should choose on to have burning or for people to opt to use that particular one and maybe change it each week or month.

The Buddhistmama said...

WOW! What a day you had! I have to agree with all of the things Bec said. Nothing irks me more than when I spend the entire day cooking and no one eats!I try to honor their individual needs, but give me a break! Those are the days they go to bed on an empty tummy.

I LOVE oils. But I would never impose my personal likes on a room full of people. Our instructor chooses the fragrance for our class. I would mention it to her or to the instructor next time!

Oh, and terrified of snakes! We have so many poisonous ones here (in NC) that I am almost afraid to hike in warm weather! We have had 2 cottonmouths in our back yard before. Scary stuff! Glad you are ok!

Laura said...

Very scary about the rattlesnake! I'm so glad you're ok! We don't have them around here - I can't imagine having to look out for them while you're out hiking.
I'm glad your health resolutions are working already & you're feeling so good! I've been trying to step up on my exercise - it's such a wonderful feeling after I've done it - I need to remember that feeling.
I think the woman in your yoga class was a little over the top. I understand she was probably trying to relax, but it affects others in the class too, esp. with such a strong oil as eucalyptus. I've just started using essential oils (in an essential oil warmer, in a mister & mixed in my lotion) and I find I'm drawn more to the simpler scents - lavendar, clary sage & peppermint.
We have dinner issues here all the time - two small picky eaters - so I sympathize with your dinner the other night. Take comfort that you created a delicious, wonderful meal with your own hands.

Denise C. said...

Woah , snakes give me the creeps. I am happy that you & Ken are ok.

I'm there quite a bit with my kids & dinner. I'll tell them both (4.5 & 2.5) what we're having, I usually get all sorts of "oooh I love that!" or "yummy!", then dinner time comes & neither one will touch their food. I am teaching them that I am not a short order cook, & they have to eat the same foods that both my husband & I eat.

And.....a bit of randomness....I love red onions, they are the only kind I will use!

Sheila D. said...

I had a similar snake experience when I was 10! I was running through the woods with my sisters and we saw a tiny little snake. My mother had taught us to catch them and we did ALL the time. However, we were ignorant to the fact that they may be venomous. Well, NH has only ONE venomous snake...the Timber Rattlesnake. This little guy lashed out at me and I shrieked and jumped away! I told my mom what had happened and we did a little more research to educate ourselves for the next time! ;)

I'm happy that you were okay and that Ken was there, even if something did happen!

I've been to classes where the INSTRUCTOR will come around during Savasana and rub some behind our ears. Usually it's VERY mild and earthy. Not too energizing/overpowering.

Debs said...

Oh gawd!
Reading your post and following comments about the snake was fascinating. In England we have just one, rare, venomous snake, the adder. And the non-venomous grass snake which I saw a lot of when I was a child. My brother and I were always interested in snakes and now my brother lives in Australia and often comments on how he was out running and nearly stepped on a Brown Snake (very deadly).
Are encounters like this unusual?
Glad you are ok.

cindy said...

I've never used essential oils during yoga but I do rub a drop in my hands every once in a while. I use lavender and I find it calming. I also let my children rub a drop between their hands if they have trouble sleeping. The "magic flower smell" seems to help them and it makes them feel they are getting something special of mommy's. So glad you didn't get hurt during your hike, that is a scary situation.