Friday, February 11, 2011

inspiration journal, recently

inspiration journal

There is something so soothing about pasting pretty pictures into a book and writing a few words. I guess it's like tumblr, but old school. Sometimes it's nice to do things the old fashioned way. I've always been majorly into journals, office supplies, writing down my thoughts, and list making.

The images here are trying to evoke the "clean" feeling of January.

inspiration journal

inspiration journal

For February inspiration, I've been clipping examples of accessorizing. I think it's time to learn how to accessorize, at last.

Thinking about for this weekend:

sipping wine with Ken
watching Project Runway with Faith and Dieter (and probably Rainer too, although he's not as interested)
making Saturday morning pancakes
studio time (I hope!)
making steak pie
baking cookies with the boys
coffee with milk
a trip to the park to enjoy this spring-like weather
a short hike with Ken

a white tornado
Sunday night and all that that entails (lunches, setting out clothes for morning, going to bed early)

What's on your list?


We Blog Artists said...

Ballet 4 me...Ballet for our girls...caribbean dancing for our girls...skiing...and celebrating Chinese new year with friends who adopted from China...
Then laundry...emails(work)...designing the Alice set for our girls school...and school work with my mess in basement so my husband can start drywalling my Studio!
Yeah...we have LOTS going on.
P.S.You've inspired me to start an image Journal! thx.

sanityseeker said...

Oh I love the journal too. Looks great and reminds me that I used to do that too, and it brought me peace and focus.
This weekend my husband has off on Saturday, which is a treat. We may go to the aquarium! Other than that, hopefully studio time, nursing baby, cooking, baking, and reading with the kids.

Denise C. said...

1. Run, run & run some more. :)

2. Finish painting the ceiling in the master bathroom, (almost done!), then paint the walls.

3. Search thrift stores, craigslist for 2 nightstands (different ones if possible) & a simple table that can be used as a desk for my kids.

pilgrimama said...

oooo, I like the idea of a "dreamy" list! I should make one. I adore lists!

Jars of Giggles said...

Purge the junk
Set up art area for the kids that my 23 month old won't creativly move in 30 seconds

Rain said...

1.Enjoying my newborn. He's a week old today!! 2.Getting caught up on your posts. 3.Trying not to look at all the mounting messes in my house (see #1).

Luisa said...

I love journal writing. I have a few for different reasons one for books I've read, 1 for crafting ideas and notes, 1 to write about the kids and 1 just for me what I call my life journal. There is just something about a special pen and beautiful journal that can be so lovely to write in and look back on.

Anonymous said...

we have swim lessons on Saturday morning for the "big" girls. So they did that while I stayed home with the sick baby.

otherwise our weekend is pretty free. I like it like that.

And I love your notebook, I've been doing similar journaling lately and I love it.

Anonymous said...

I love your 'dreamy' and 'practical' lists! I never thought to title them, seems so much more organised. I also like the idea of sticking a picture in too, pretties it up a bit.

tjoyy said...

thanks for sharing