Sunday, January 16, 2011

ken's birthday

we finally changed the banner
{birthday banner}

The January birthdays are coming fast and furious now. Tonight we celebrated Ken's birthday. The boys and I spent the day getting ready. We finally changed the banner to read "happy birthday." We had the "happy" part already but needed to paint and cut more letters to read "birthday." I'm really glad to have this because we'll use it over and over.

birthday mantle detail
{kid art}
The boys both made paintings for Ken. I should have photographed these earlier in the day, in the light, but aren't these awesome? I'm so in love with Rainer's abstract paintings on the left. Something about them is really speaking to me right now. So, in addition to painting, we made a cheese ball, French Silk pie (Ken's request), and later I put together a dinner of steak, caramelized onions, mashed potatoes, and spinach souffle. All very yummy. He liked it. I enjoyed making the meal and having a small birthday with just us.
another birthday celebration
{cheeseball--something about this is so very comforting}
making himself a cheeseball sandwich
{the boys like to use two crackers, thus making a cheeseball sandwich}
for ken's birthday
{French Silk pie}
Happy birthday Ken! I love you!


misadventuresofkellyandkelly said...

happy birthday ken!

Carrie said...

Homemade French Silk pie sounds so decadent! Happy Birthday Ken!

vincent said...

So beautiful! You have a great family and inspire me every blog of the way! :) Happy Birthday Ken! :)

Laura said...

That birthday meal sounds divine!

The boys art is truly pricless and what a nice family birthday celebration you had for Ken! Happy Birthday to him and many blessings for the coming year!

YellowBirdDayBook said...

Happy Birthday Ken!

We always had a cheese ball at family gathering when I was younger. I've never made one though. May have to try that soon!

Holly C. said...


coloring in my life said...

We've have our share of family January birthdays too (:
Sounds like you all had a lovely time and a delicious dinner-and an awesome dessert!

Andrea said...

Wow, yum, that cheese and pie look so good. Wonderful fun!