Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the january boys

two january boys
It wouldn't be January on my blog without gazillions of birthday posts. We have many January boys right here in the house. Jacob and Dieter both have birthdays frustrating close to Christmas, but what is there to do but just go forward and make it work? We celebrated on New Year's Day.
another birthday table
Dieter wanted a pink cake, which my mother graciously made for him. She crushes raspberry juice into a basic buttercream frosting and it is very good. This is the cake Faith usually requests too.
a special ice cream cake for jacob
And for Jacob I made a delicious ice cream cake inspired by Heather's post. I'd love to make this again--it was so yummy.
a common sight in the month of january
jacob on his birthday
for his 6th birthday
I can hardly believe that they are six and twenty-one already! Time is flying. Happy brithday Jacob and Dieter! I love you boys!


CountryGirl said...

Your boys are both so handsome, you must be very proud. Looks like you had lovely birthday celebrations!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to your obys!

jenny said...

we've got a couple January birthdays around here as well. i love your shirt - frilly and pretty. where did you get it?

Lia said...

I keep seeing birthday posts on your blog but for some reason Mary Beth you never seem to age. You look great! Happy birthday to the boys.

Andrea said...

Those cakes look yummy!

AJ said...

The cakes look fantastic. Even thought it is a balmy 21 here today, I still want a slice of that ice cream cake!

Love the last picture! What a little warrior.

Sherman Unkefer said...

Handsome boys! I like your photos, looks like fun.

Mary Beth said...

Thanks, everyone for all the sweet birthday wishes.

Lia-you are sweet! Thank you.

Jenny--it's from Garnett Hill.

Anonymous said...

Almost all of my immediate family growing up as well as the family I formed were born int he first half of January. We extend holidays through our tri-cultures by eating so many sesonal cakes and sweets. My son likes looking at your blog of the boy who is almost the same age.
jennifer in france

Nancy / summer sky said...

Dieter is looking so old! Belated happy birthday to your boys. Raspberry icing, that is something I could definitely go for!