Sunday, August 29, 2010

inspiration board tidy up

I finally got around to freshening up my inspiration board and cleaning up my studio a bit. It had gotten to the point that I didn't want to go in there. What typically happens is I pull out piles of fabric--stacking them to see what goes together--and then never put them away, even though the projects for which I'm selecting fabrics could be months away. After awhile it is so crowded with fabric and the current projects that it is very uninspiring to say the least. So, last week, with the boys in school, I had a chance to clean up and put away. And I also freshened up the inspiration board. Sometimes just doing this kind of puttering in the studio, without actually getting around to any real sewing, can be so refreshing and just what's needed. I was really grateful to have that quiet pocket of time right before I go back to work.
Here are some of the pictures I put on the board. I love those gaucho pants from the anthropologie catalog--would like to make some. And the boys both adore that house shaped pillow. Wouldn't that be a fun project?

And here is a project I have now finally finished--it's my Soulemama inspired table runner. I made the log cabin squares quite awhile ago, then the whole project got stalled. Now I am so happy to have this done and prettying up my table.
Oh, and that little butternut squash? From the garden. They are small but seemed to be done growing, so I harvested them. I hope they taste okay . . . I have a whole bunch of them.
Here is my Flylady notebook, my current book (which I bought in Maine on my trip), and a carob bar. I have discovered that I really like carob. Not as healthy as chocolate, I suspect, but on the other hand, carob is naturally sweet so maybe it has less sugar?? I need to look that up.
Here is my next project--a fall-ish bag.

I've been thinking lately about producing rather than consuming-- how it makes us happier to produce something (a bag, a meal) rather than consuming all the time (zoning out on the internet, shopping). So I'm trying to see if there are ways I can get into my studio just a bit more here and there. It's always been my idea that I can sew a seam or two in stolen moments, but that never seems to happen. Maybe this year . . .


catie said...

hi, mary beth!

my kids start school tomorrow, and this is exactly what i plan to do.
i shined my sink just now (i ♥ flylady!) and tomorrow i will "clean up & put away" my office/studio. i got their rooms clean & clutter-free for the start of school & now it's time for me!

question: when you see something you would like to sew, like the anthro gauchos, do you make your own pattern or hunt for a pattern that is similar?
i love anthro for inspiration, but how i adore finding my own treasures at the thrift store! ♥

Holly C. said...

I love the way your runner turned out!!!

tjoyy said...

inspiring for me to see your world xoxo

Anonymous said...

The runner is beautiful, such fresh colours. That little pumpkin looks way to cute to be cut open and eaten, lantern maybe?

Anonymous said...

I love the table runner - it looks great.

Did you make the inspiration board yourself? It looks like chalkboard paint but also magnetic? I really like the look of it and would love more information.

Mary Beth said...

Catie--when I saw those anthro gauchos I immediately thought of the linen pants I had made earlier this summer (from a pattern). I was somewhat considering cutting them off and adding beltloops and and self tie, but Faith has pointed out that although they are full, they are not full enough to look like the photo. I think she is right. Ideally, I could still use the same pattern and figure out how to make the leg fuller, but more likely I'll just look for a pattern.
I love the anthro catalog mostly for inspiration too, but sometimes Faith or even I can find something on the clearance rack in the back of the store--it's fun to hunt around there.

Kelly and Kelly--it's an old magnetic/chalk board from Pottery Barn. I bought it for Jacob when he was still in elementary school and it lived for many years in his room with magnetic poetry tiles on it. The only change I have made is to paint the frame white (it was dark wood before). I'm sure it would be much cheaper/cooler to make one with chalkboard paint, though. I'm just not that clever!

Andrea said...

How nice to take a day to just refresh and rejuvenate! I love the table bright and pretty! I have tons of sewing projects rattling around in my head, but I only get as far as rearranging fabric, like you said (only my "studio" is a corner of my bedroom, so the clutter gets in the way!).

Laura said...

your inspiration board is lovely & your table runner is beautiful! one of these days i will learn to sew. that house shaped pillow is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

You did a beautiful job on the runner Mary Beth.

I was in anthro yesterday for inspiration. I was admiring all the many colorful and gorgeous scarves and the clever ways they tie them.


Julie said...

I love your table runner--so pretty!