Sunday, August 29, 2010

a potty party for Rainer!

Many times I thought I would never see this day, but finally it is time to celebrate because Rainer is all the way potty trained! Hooray! We had a little potty party for Dieter back in the day, so it was only fair to have one for Rainer too. Just a little backyard get together with the family.
Jacob is finally home from college! So happy to see that boy. He took a full load of classes in the summer quarter--that is why we are so late in seeing him.

I made the vegetarian chili again. So good! (And it feeds a crowd).

We also celebrated Gam's birthday. Happy birthday, Gam!
Rainer got a present. He didn't like it at first, and then it started growing on him. He loves trucks, but I think we chose the worst possible one (after much agonizing over which one to choose). Oh well!! (Next time I think I'll just let him choose his truck outright. So much easier).

I am so happy to have such a grown up, potty-trained, pre-school attending, only 10 more months of chemo boy! Congratulations, Rainer! We love you and are so proud of you!


MadameRenard said...

Congratulation Rainer!!!

lovestitches said...

Yay Rainer! And wow he is even cuter with hair now!! I didn't think he could get any cuter when I first saw him!
I will have to remember potty parties when I have kids, it sounds like a fun way to mark the transition!

likeschocolate said...

Congratulation to Rainer. The bread looks fantastic! It must have been good because everyone has a smile on their face.

Denise C. said...

Yay Rainer! As always love your blog, love your photos!
Happy belated Birthday to Gram too!

Tammie said...

congrats to rainier! he's grown up so much in the few years ive been reading/lurking over your blog.

Sara said...

Loks like a fun time! Congrats to Rainer and you.

estrellazul said...

It's a lot of time that I read you but I haven't written before in this blog because my English was pretty bad. Now I'm studying and I can understand better and enjoying the Rainer's win.....another win. Congratulations !!!

momma rae said...

congrats!! so exciting to be out of diapers. whew. we just hit that milestone, too! ;)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! We had a "poop party" for both my kids too. Not as classy sounding as a potty party. LOL.

I'm simply drooling over the photo of your chili. It looks delicious!

Love the mountain view you have. We live in southern CA as well and share similar views. I never tire of our gorgeous mountains.