Saturday, June 12, 2010

lovely things about today

The first day of summer vacation was awesome. I can hardly believe summer is here again already! Some of what I loved about today:
:: I was the first one up and got to putter about drinking coffee and checking my Google Reader while everyone else slept. It felt super decadent.
:: banana chocolate chip nut bread for breakfast
:: the temperature in the morning was absolutely perfect. I played with the boys and Dieter asked me, "Mama, when you were a little girl, did you enjoy your childhood?" Heart meltingly cute. Then we lay in our our "redwood forest" and looked up at the trees and sky and saw the squirrels playing in the oaks.
:: sewing! I'm suddenly so enthused about sewing and have so many ideas of what I want to make.
:: spent time with Faith looking at bags on Etsy for her birthday. She and I have such a similar feeling about gifts--we'd rather forgo the surprise and get something we really want. She is so like me in this and other ways. It was fun browsing for the bag she wants. We ended up selecting one from this darling shop. She won't get it till her birthday though. She's also getting this suit--she'll look darling in it.
:: coffee date with Ken (although I admit I ended the date a little early because I was freezing sitting outside and it was even colder inside).
:: mailing a package to the Netherlands
:: wearing summer clothes and shoes.
:: the first zucchini soup of the season and broccoli strudel from The Moosewood Cookbook (very good but I hated working with that filo dough!)

What are some of your summer pleasures right now?

3 comments: said...

Hello Mary Beth, I love what you write. I am happy that the holidays have begun, my priority now is ....... DIET!! Ehehehehe, then I would make a midsummer feast with friends would be wonderful. Good early summer to you and your family <3

Kristi said...

this was such a feel good post. i like to pick out my gifts too.

Joy said...

What a great list! I very much identify with #1; I live for that hour on Saturday mornings. Ok, maybe that was a bit strong, but it is nice. :) Faith has amazing taste! Both the bag and the swimsuit are darling. I feel mostly the same as the both of you regarding gifts, but my hubby is an awfully amazing gift-giver and his surprises are usually spot-on. Have a wonderful first weekend of summer, Mary Beth!