Friday, June 11, 2010

a friday evening walk around the garden

School's out. Hooray! It's nice to have time off and time for family. In the evening I had a little walk around the garden with the camera and then I picked some vegetables. Ken does all of this--I just reap the benefits.
{baby orange}
{Valencia oranges, for summer}
{apple tree}
{summer squash}
Happy start of summer to all!


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said... wonderful...almonds and oranges...reminds me of Spain...HAPPY Summer to you too.

nocton4 said...

fab garden, all doing so well, lovely photos xx

Emma said...

Your pumpkins and zucchini (or courgettes to me!) are so much further along than mine - my first flowers only appeared last week here in England. Congratulations on all your produce, it's looking amazing :)

Julia said...

Oh my...WOW!! You have quite the selection.

So psyched that you are submitting to ROTH by the psyched!

XO, Jules

Julia said...

Wow, you have such a great selection! YUM.

SO psyched to have you submit to ROTH, sooooo psyched.

XO, Jules

Sara said...

so much yummy goodness!!

Chris said...

Wow - he does such a great job! I have high hopes for our fruit trees, which are still very small... have to wait a few years!

taimarie said...

Wow, my little northern garden is feeling some envy this morning! Beautiful!

Joy said...

Whoa, what an amazing selection of fruits and veggies! Are all those in your yard? Wee bit jealous over here. I hope you are enjoying the start of summer. We got out of school a few days ago, and while I still have to work, I'm happy to be done with the tight schedules.

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for the garden love, everybody. You guys are sweet.

Joy--yes, that is all in our yard--that, and much more. Ken is passionate about gardening and I love that about him. Feijoas will ripen for fall, we are trying to grow avocados, there is much more citrus, herbs, pear trees (babies--the more mature pear tree got sick and died), baby cherry trees, etc. It's fun to see what fruit we get each year and to watch the smaller trees either grow or not.

Julia--you are super sweet. Thank you!

Chris--yeah, it's a waiting game. Then before you know it, you will have more fruit than you can handle. Best wishes for your little trees!

Our Green Nest said...

How beautiful! It's fun to see what a garden states away is growing! The only similar thing we have is summer squash and zucchini, and both of those aren't doing too well right now for us...

Travel Mama said...

I am very impressed. That is your garden?? BTY I have been reading your blog for months. This my first time to comment. I really love it.

Allison said...

oh wow, all of those fruits and vegetables look great. i've been scouting out fruit trees in my neighborhood and snapping pictures. so far i've found an apple tree, a peach tree, and a raspberry bush. now i just need to make friends with the owners of these fruits.

Nancy said...

oh my, what bounty! happy summer indeed!