Saturday, January 3, 2009

More from the Birthdays

Tonight we celebrated Dieter's fourth and Jacob's nineteenth birthdays! (The nineteen thing makes me feel a teensy bit old and also just so amazed at how fast it has gone!) The nature table was briefly transformed into a birthday table.
These number cookies are a tradition now, and Dieter's favorite part. I made a variety of fours and nineteens and couldn't resist making a Swedish horse just because I love it.
Here's Jacob. He is such a great kid--so creative (which I love about him), smart, a self-starter, independent, and super sweet with his brothers. I'm really proud of this boy. He'll be back to college soon and we'll miss him. This first quarter went by fast, though.
The cake! I had so much fun with this. It is the Victoria Sponge from the River Cottage Family Cookbook. Here is why it is so fun to make: you weigh four eggs in the beginning, then add the same weight of sugar, butter, and flour. I loved doing it that way. The filling is fresh whipped cream, raspberries, and raspberry jam. It was very dense and homey.

Happy birthday Jacob and Dieter. You boys rock!


Our Green Nest said...

Happy b-day to them both! The cake looks delicious!

melissa s. said...

what a lovely celebration. I got river family cookbook for Christmas, will definitely have to try that cake out...looks wonderful!