Monday, January 5, 2009

New Jammies for the Birthday Boy

I finally accomplished some sewing! That is always such a good feeling. I was aiming the make Christmas pajamas for the boys, but with all the busyness surrounding Christmas, I never got around to it. So that project transformed into a pair of birthday pajamas for Dieter. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, except for some fit issues. I unwisely used a pair of Dieter's sweatpants to trace around, so the fit of these is a bit tight--not being stretchy and all (as the sweatpants are). They're fine once on, but a bit hard to pull on and off. Next time I think I'll get it right.
He never noticed, though, and was actually quite enamored by the soft flannel of the pants. Hooray! He often doesn't wear what I make him, so this is a small victory.
When I came out of the bedroom this morning, I found him just like this-- up and playing with his new blocks. It's such a relief when they like their birthday toys.

In other news: I took the boys to Farmer's Market for our usual Sunday morning shop-up, and Reese Witherspoon was there with her kids (looking basically like any other mom, jeans and a sweater and partly combed hair). I admit to being somewhat excited--I've never spotted a celebrity before!

It's back to work this morning. I'm thinking I need to solidify my new year's resolutions and get my thoughts together soon, or it won't happen once I sink back into the chaos of daily life. So hopefully I'll post my list this week. Happy Monday and back to school/work/routine.


Gretchen said...

Great post! Love it when the kids will actually wear what I make too.

periwinkle said...

lovely jamas , well done . I like Reese , she often comes across as 'normal '
lisa x

Lisa said...

I'm scared to make jammies, what with that "not to be used for sleepwear" warning on all my soft fabric!

I love Reese. I could watch both Legally Blondes over and over.

Sarah said...

Your birthday celebration looks delightful. I love the idea of number cookies for birthdays.

I would have been excited to see Reese too. One time I saw the guy who played Norm on Cheers, but that's my only celebrity sighting.

Beth said...

Cute pajamas! It must feel so nice that he actually likes wearing them! I am hosting a childrens swap if your interested :O)

Hannah said...

Ooh nice PJs!
My son has just finally started wearing the knitted gnome hat I commented you about ages ago from The Children's year and he looks super cute in it :o)
Belated happy birthdays to Jacob and Dieter.