Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day

At our house, daddy is the favorite. Got an owie? Cry for daddy. Need a train configuration to be built? Call daddy. Want to be carried tirelessly? Daddy is your man. Want to learn how to do something? Definitely daddy's realm. Want to bonk heads? Daddy will bonk heads with you.
Ken is such a natural father and our babies love him so. He is incredibly patient and the best teacher to young people you will every encounter. He's a model of good child rearing. If he says something, he'll stick to his word. He's not swayed by tantrums or excessive whining or parental tiredness. And he's always loving.
Do I feel bad about all the baby-attention directed towards daddy? In short, no. The boys are lucky because he is such a great father. I'm lucky because he grounds me. I know whatever comes our way in this big parenting journey, he'll be strong for them and for me. Ken, thanks for all you do for us every day. You're such an amazing father!


molly said...

Happy father's day to your hubby! What a sweet post.

...I drew your name for the dryer balls, so be sure to send me an email with your address! :)

Laura said...

What WONDERFUL photos of Ken with his boys!!!

Happy Father's Day, Ken!

Kelli said...

great post to your husband. What a great guy, what would we do without them, Which is the meaning of Thats what its all about.

Carrie said...

Happy Father's day Ken! You sound like a marvelous father!

Mom said...

Beautifully written, Mary Beth, and a fitting tribute to Ken. Happy Summer!

Gift of Green said...

What a handsome guy! Happy father's day, Ken!