Sunday, June 15, 2008

Contemplating Porridge

I love the word porridge, don't you? One thinks immediately of the Three Bears, of course, but more recently I think of the fun novel I read last spring, in which the main character eats porridge at her friend's house the morning after a night of too much partying. She's British (the character in the novel) so maybe that has something to do with it.
I've recently switched my breakfast from my beloved poached egg (I've been eating that most mornings for months now) to porridge. But I have questions. What is the best porridge? Regular oatmeal is classic and delicious, of course. I microwave it with water, then add milk and brown sugar and bananas. In the picture, though, is the Bob's Red Mill 7 grain cereal. I cook it the same way and it's deliciously grainy and, well, porridgey, quite frankly. Very Three Bears worthy, I think.
And these are the steel cut oats I tried this morning. Takes 40 minutes on the stovetop, which is less convenient, but much more aesthetically pleasing. I'm not sure if I like these or not. They are so grainy! I like grainy, but this was like eating wheat berries or something. Maybe I like it, I'm not sure. We'll see. It makes a whole pot, so I have leftovers to reheat for tomorrow. The babies ate a little of mine, but preferred their baby oatmeal. Interesting trivia fact: my mother fed us baby oatmeal with brown sugar through the elementary years! I have no idea why. I thought it was totally normal, and that is why I still love to steal bites of my children's baby oatmeal to this day. My older kids don't eat it, though. Faith loves instant oatmeal, which I do buy her occasionally because I'm so happy for her to eat breakfast, even if it is instant. Oh, my babies don't get any brown sugar on their oats, by the way. Maybe I can save them from my sugar addiction; I hope so. On that same note, the ice pops made with freshly squeezed orange juice (pictured here) are delightful. Really good. Writing this makes me want one, in fact.

Summer vacation has begun but I haven't gotten a chance to get organized and regroup yet. Usually that takes the first week. Crafting is non-existent right now, sadly, but I have high hopes for crafting in the next week or so. Right now we're just settling in to being home all together.


Anonymous said...

I have just finished my breakfast (it's 9:15 AM here in Slovakia) - 6 grain porridge which I cooked with milk and then added honey instead of sugar and a pinch of cinnamon :o)

Jessica said...

I also am undecided about steel cut oats. I bough a whole container this winter when all the snow made me want something warm and regular whole oats were a tad bit boring. I keep looking at the box and think that as soon as school lets out and I have the hour to devote to breakfast I'll try them again. Until then I'm a home-made granola in the morning girl. Enjoy your first days of summer vacation!

Laura said...

I'm no help in this matter for I never ate oatmeal as a mom would spoil us and prepare oatmeal for my brother and cream of wheat for this day I only eat baked oatmeal, no other hot cereal. I do LOVE cream of wheat with a cup of tea!

Porridge does sound very "three bears" and very healthy :)

MamaBlogger said...

if you decide to go the steel cut oats route, cooking them in the crock pot overnight is an alternative to stove top cooking and saves time in the morning!

kmdegroot said...

i love steel cut oats. if they are grainy, cook them longer. they should be soft and gooey with a little tiny bit of a bite, but not globy/pastey like rolled oats.

i make a big pot of them for the week, and then reheat them by the bowl each morning.

i add milk, maple syrup, ground flaxseeds and/or almonds or walnuts, sometimes fruit.

so good!

Leslie said...

I still give my 3 year old the Gerber Oatmeal. I like that the baby cereal has the iron and vitamins that she still needs. She has extensive food allergies so we are just happy when she eats anyting! I wish I could help you on the porridge topic, I do not think I am of any help as my favorite is grapenuts cereal warmed up in the microwave like hot cereal! Yumm! Let us know what your verdict is on your cereal trials! Many blessings!

Leslie G.

Deanna Germany said...

Just seeing the word porridge makes me think of Little Miss Muffet and spiders. I don't know why since she was eating curds and whey, but it does!!

Amy said...

My friends at mill some good porridge! I can't cook it well--I usually ask my mom to cook it when she comes! She cooks it with raisins.
Enjoy your time at home!

Kelli said...

I have the classic, when life is stressful eat sugar. UUUGGGG

Design Diva said...

ohhh I absolutely love my oatmeal with a little bit of raw turbinado sugar in it. yum. Your post made me start craving it.

Bronwyn, said...

I've just read from the 3rd of July to this post. You are giving your children such a good childhood, well done for all your thoughtful work!

My mother always made our porridge with rolled oats & milk, & we added honey. My ex mother-in-law makes her porridge with water instead, which makes it like glue. Now I make it this way: 1/2 cup per person of rolled oats, same amount of water, same amount of milk, & a little salt, cook in a saucepan on the stove top, stir it every now & then, turn it down to low when it bubbles, stir until it's smooth & creamy. I add lots of honey to mine.