Thursday, March 27, 2008

What I'm Drinking

The picture makes it look like I'm drinking a lot of herbal teas, but no. At least not these ones. As you may recall, I gave up Diet Coke for Lent, so now that Easter has passed, I thought I'd report back. Overall, my experiment was shockingly easy. Could it be that Diet Coke has loosened its grip on me? Hmm. Substitutes had to be made (and to be honest, staying hydrated is always an issue for me, so I had to drink something) so I found myself drinking lots of lemon water, hot tea (mostly regular tea, not the teas above which I tend to buy and not drink), and later, iced tea with lemon. My very favorite thing was to mix half iced tea and half lemonade, which I would do if we were at a fast food restaurant and it was available (most have this, I've found--at least Subway and Rubio's, where we like to go). (Actually, the lemonade at these fast food places is "light" lemonade mostly, so there's the artificial sweetener again, but at least it is cut by half when mixing with the iced tea). Anyway, I was shocked at how easy it was to forgo the Diet Coke. Oh, about the tea, other than regular tea, which I like with milk and sugar (but I don't want to be adding in a whole lot of sugar to my diet), I found that I really liked Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice, which is an herbal tea that is very flavorful and doesn't need any sugar at all. I was drinking that at work quite a bit before Rainer got sick (not since, because my tea bags of that are at work). Oh, interestingly, in the hospital I was being delivered trays 3 times a day because I'm a nursing mother, and I found it very easy to stay hydrated in that setting--I'd just circle my choices the day before and I found myself drinking lots of fat-free milk, iced tea, and decaf coffee.

Over the weeks of Lent, I did find that I still craved a Diet Coke at certain times, but surprisingly when I did finally have one (on Tuesday, after Easter had passed and I still hadn't had one) it didn't taste all that great to me. If anything, I'd actually rather have a regular soda--(I know--I shouldn't go there--just step away). Most of the time, now, I'm drinking lemon water (water, lots of ice, and a big squeeze of lemon) and trying to keep up the healthy habit of milk drinking. That's it. Just thought I'd report back because I am so surprised at how it turned out.

Off to chemo today with Rainer. I have to say I'm excited to take him for his chemo because it feels as if we are at least doing something. Of course I give him his medications daily, but aside from that, it feels like a lot of waiting. Today we will at least have something more active we can do for him.


bigbucketgirl said...

You are never far from my thoughts with Rainer, xxx, and with the diet coke thing! I also gave it up for lent..just to see if i could. just to see if i was truly addicted and at the mercy of the silver can...but i'm not !! I'm delighted to say that i had one on tuesday and i looked at the can more than once to see if it was in date/ the real thing...because it didn't light my fire!
Dr Pepper helped with the "caffeine.quick.cold" moments but they were few and far between. I'm going to try tea again soon...i can't abide regular english tea (bleurgh!) but the herbal ones...i'm a sucker for packaging on those!


About Us: said...

I love the English teas and usually have a cup of tea at breakfast, I think if you grew up liking it, it's very good and can be addicting - I like mine with just milk. I also like some of the herbal teas as well. I was never a huge soda drinker, but have found myself drinking a lot of iced tea lately. I too, within the last week have gone back to water as well. I was suprised at the amount of sugar in milk, strangely enough. Hubby likes 1 or 2% and there were at least 15 grams of sugar when I looked at the back of the milk carton.

I also like green tea, have you ever had that? You can get decaf too.

Glad it looks like you've kicked diet coke.

Hope you had a good dr visit/chemo for Rainer today.


Gift of Green said...

I really can't stand tea, but one day Pip pulled a box off the shelf (it had a picture of a dragon on it) and I've found I'm really liking it. I drink so little water that I need a little incentive - like you I've been finding lemons in water really yummy lately.

Hope you and Rainer have a smooth trip to SB.

jessi said...

I have a similar collection of herbal teas that I like to buy but don't really drink. I think the idea of herbal tea appeals to me, but I don't often actually take the time to enjoy it.

Best of everything to you and Rainer with his treatment!

lizziemarie said...

Hooray for you! I am loving Tazo decaf green tea with lotus and a little honey and milk.The box is pretty too. Good wishes to you.