Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was gotten through, somehow. Not that I was grumpy . . . just kind of sad, with Rainer being sick and all. And I wasn't as prepared as I would have liked, but I did manage to pull off these yummy treats for the family. I got a free hour or two while Ken and the two little boys napped on Saturday afternoon. Quietly, I made these pecan pretzel treats while the others napped and it was so fun and satisfying. Recipe here. I've made these before but they turned out so much better this time, using Rolos rather than the caramel Kisses (because with the Rolos the caramel stays contained and doesn't run all over).
I bagged them up like this for Ken and the teens.
Earlier on Satruday was the best therapy of all--going out into nature with Ken and the boys. Big stress relief after being cooped up in the hospital and house for so long. Rainer liked it too, I think. This will be our Saturday routine again, I hope. I'm not sure why we stopped doing it.

Otherwise we colored eggs, watched a movie, hid baskets, staged an easter egg hunt for little Dieter who enjoyed himself very much, and ate a nice lunch at my parents. Thank goodness my mother invited us over for food because a nice Easter meal I would not have been able to pull off. As it was, the baskets were a little sparse this year, as you can see. Fortunately I made the beanbag frogs earlier in the week and I had some little Holztiger wooden figures on hand for the little boys. And now I'm looking forward to a quiet week and home with the little guy--no doctor's appointment until Thursday this week.


Laura said...

Sounds like a lovely Easter weekend. I'm so glad you got to go out for a nature adventure...we had beautiful weather here as well. My husband and I and the baby went for a walk while my older chidlren hung out with Gammy and Gampy! :) Rainer's Easter basket didn't look sparse to looked perfect! I bet he loved the frog beanbag and his new wooden toys! Our children got some new goggles for swimming, small lego sets, and too much candy!!!
Happy Easter!

jessi said...

Take care of yourself Mary Beth! This must be so difficult in so many ways. I think of you and your little Rainer often - here's sending good thoughts and hopes your way!

Florence said...

You're doing so well. Sending huge hugs your way. x

taimarie said...

Glad you were able to get through Easter- heck- it looks like you managed to pull it off wonderfully! Thinking of you and your little guy lots.