Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Winter Preparations

It was surprising to me to see how soon after Thanksgiving was over that I lost my taste for the fall aesthetic and I wanted to strip everything down and start getting more "wintery" around here. I was delighted to find a rosemary "tree" at Trader Joe's for the Seasons' Table. For now the table is very bare, with just the tree and the first pomander ball. I'm going to have to give some thought to what else we might put on there. Actually, Dieter is still bringing in leaves so that's good.

This is the first year since marrying Ken that I am actually looking forward to the Christmas holidays. For a "blended" family the holidays are a super stressful time--so much anxiety about mixing traditions and making the "perfect" Christmas for these children whose lives are not perfect (because of a divorce that was not there fault and they never asked for, having to go to two houses to see both parents--I feel so awful about that). Suffice it to say, I would have rather skipped over the holidays altogether. But now, with the teenagers older and doing well, and with these two little boys coming up, and the chance to form new traditions with them, I'm finally embracing Christmas once again--tentatively, but these are the first stirrings of something I haven't felt in a long time.

And on a different note, what do you think about Christmas lists? And birthday lists too, for that matter? I personally am pro-list. I love giving little handmade gifts when possible, but in certain situations would be thrilled to give something off a person's list if I know they want it. And I love to receive a gift that I've been wanting--it's thrilling for me to sit down on Christmas with a stack of books from my Amazon wish list or get a new little kitchen something I've had in mind. Others have a different viewpoint--would rather find something for their person that they think would please them and shun lists altogether.

More bits:
Nigella has a new cookbook!! I love Nigella--when I found out about this new book (yesterday) I immediately put that baby on my wishlist! And Faith kindly directed me to a Nigella interview here.

Check out these gorgeous baby slings in Amy Butler fabrics. Totally fab!! I want this too.
Is that so very wrong?

Wondertime has a very interesting fruitcake recipe this month. It really looks delicious. I think I'm going to try it. I'll post, of course, if I do.


amanda said...

We also stripped our autumn displays over the weekend. I am ready for the winter aesthetic, which I will be totally tired of by February I'm sure. Ahh . . . seasons!!

I love your rosemary tree, I bet it smells heavenly. Thanks for the links, too. I have mixed feelings about lists . . . I love giving a useful, appreciated gift but surprises are also fun. I guess it depends on the person I'm shopping for.

I tagged you for a game over at my blog if you want to play :)

taimarie said...

I am all for wish lists over here. They are saving us from the plastic-toy-explosion. We ask our family to get things from our wish list for our little guy and then we don't have to dread the gift onslaught! When you are not the type to have lots of stuff, then the stuff you do get matters more, and I think it's just fine to ask for what you actually want!

Sarah said...

Personally, I am anti-lists. I don't think I'll ever encourage my kids to write out a list because I don't want them to be disappointed if they don't get something in particular. I'd rather they be excited about everything they did get.

Those pouches are so great! I use mine every day. They are really easy to make, so you could probably make one for yourself in no time. Just buy some Amy Butler fabric and you're all set! There are good instructions here. http://www.sleepingbaby.net/jan/Baby/index.html