Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Two and a Half

Dieter turns two and a half today. I love him at this age. Here is what I love: at this tender age he is so unedited, so unselfconscious, so real. We're seeing Dieter right now and he is adorable.
He loves to read and be read to, he loves playing with his trains and he's a good toy player in general. He loves backhoes and other big construction equipment and trucks. The other day we told him we were going to a garage sale and he said "maybe there will be a backhoe." There was! He also scored a dump truck at that one--both Tonka.
He loves to play "games." Pretty much anything under the sun can be a game--he comes up to you and says, "want to see my new game?" Today he said his new game was called the "wake up" game, in which he tries to wake up his Daddy (from pretend sleep). He also loves to play the "9-1-1 game" in which he hides his eyes as if playing peek-a-boo then I pretend to call the police to get help in finding my "lost child." Then he un-hides his eyes and I tell the police they don't have to come now. He loves it. He is lots of fun, frequently sweet and cooperative, and all in all, despite the occasional fit, not a terrible two but truly a terrific two, and his mommy and daddy love him.

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