Thursday, July 5, 2007


I have really been having a hankering for making shorts for Dieter. Nevermind that you can get shorts with a lot more details at Old Navy for the same price or less. Something in me wanted to make him some. So finally, here they are. One thing that really surprised me is that there are almost no patterns for boys. I expected to find at least a few modern patterns, maybe some cargo pants with cool pockets, but at least in the amount of time I had to browse at patterns (almost none, admittedly) I found basically nothing. Just some basic elastic waist pants with no details. That's okay, though, because that's what I more or less had in mind. I just wanted to add some pockets and see how it went. Next time perhaps I'll add more embellishments.
Check out his sweet baby toes. The pockets are from a very cool dog print I got here. I added a lot of width to the waistband and a little length to the shorts and they came out very close to what I had visualized. Dieter likes them too.

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