Sunday, July 22, 2007

Beach Afternoon

Yesterday, after Sylvia headed back to Fresno, we managed to make it down to Ventura for a beach trip. It's a big production to get everyone ready for any outing, especially one that involves sunscreen, but we got out of the house relatively quickly, grabbing things and stuffing them into bags on our way out the door. We are VERY fortunate that my parents live at the beach, so their house is our little home base for these outings, and they are extremely generous with their towels, snacks, outdoor shower, drawer space (for the boys extra clothes) and anything else we could possibly need.

This is the first year we've gotten into the regular routine of going to the beach as a family. When Dieter was a baby we just didn't take him, and last year we did some, but I was so exhausted with my pregnancy. Now everyone likes it and we're able to go. Dieter loves going into the waves with his daddy and doesn't seem to mind the cold water. He also enjoys very mellowly shoveling sand into molds and dumping it back out. Rainer loves to be carried around, up and down the beach, and is very enthusiastic about eating sand.
And who can resist a glorious nap on the sand with the sound of the ocean beating in your ears?

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