Monday, May 7, 2007

His First Peas

Rainer has really been doing great on his solids, and some of the nights he has slept pretty well too (especially when combined with a soothing bath and a rubdown with this lotion). So today at the store I decided to pick up a little jar of "first peas." I gave him a half a jar (maybe a bit less), plus he still had a big bowl of rice cereal. He was just a little taken aback at first, but he sucked them down. Dieter, on the other hand, who insisted on also being fed from Rainer's plate, was horrified by the taste of the peas (but he loved the rice cereal). Let's hope Rainer sleeps well again tonight--I could really use it--daily life is getting pretty overwhelming over here (thus the infrequent posting). More tomorrow, hopefully.


Carrie said...

That is a cute baby!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks, Carrie.