Saturday, March 3, 2007


Love the way these turned out. This project is way overdue--I've been meaning to re-cover these old throw pillows for years now. The last time I made covers for them I still lived in Kansas and was sewing on my old Singer (I remember, because it was giving me major problems).
I think the main reason this took so long was the fabric problem I mentioned before. These fabrics are from the Amy Butler Lotus collection, which I purchased here. I'm just thrilled with them and can't wait to make two more pillows. By the way, the buttons were recycled from the last pillow cases I made. This time I had to be super quick with my crafting (baby threatening to start fussing any second, Dieter coming home from his outing with Daddy), so I didn't even make buttonholes--I just sewed them on, effectively sewing the pillows shut. It was quick and satisfying, and honestly, I like the crisper finish it provides (but I'll have to take the buttons off and sew them back on when I need to wash the pillowcases). Maternity leave is very quickly coming to a close but it feels good to get a few more things done.


Carrie said...

The pillows are beautiful. I really love the red / sky blue combos. I hope you have a very blissful last day of maternity leave!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks, Carrie!