Friday, March 2, 2007

Costco Run Friday

So today is my last Friday of maternity leave. I'm sad, but also gearing up for the "fun challenge" of balancing work and family life that lies ahead of me. Also, only four and half weeks until Spring Break (not that I'm counting). So I went to my last Weight Watchers meeting and I lost 2 more pounds. Not sure how--it must be the breastfeeding. Eating more protein at breakfast also seems to have had an effect (because it's more satisfying?). After WW, we stopped by Starbucks for breakfast, but Rainer was fussy, so we powered on the Target. There is was happy and napped in the Moby. After a quick diaper change it was off to Costco. I loved his little piggy toes in the carseat and he was very content to nap the whole time. At both places we stocked up on essentials (bottle liners, canned tomatoes, chicken breasts) so we'll be in good shape for "back to school." It's a good feeling to be organized.

Tonight is date night. Dieter will probably stay with my parents while we go out to eat, then later we'll watch a movie. I have 84 Charring Cross Road from Netflix, so we'll probably watch it (a change from the weird indy flicks I usually pick that end up being pretty much downers).

Up next: I'd love to do some more crafting before returning to school, some cooking too, and sort through all my paper clutter. Have a great weekend.


Carrie said...

What's not to love about sleeping baby toes?!?

Mary Beth said...

I agree. So sweet.