Sunday, March 25, 2007

Five Months

Last Friday, Rainer turned five months old. It's been a big month for the little dude. He started full time daycare and I went back to work. He's made a good transition and fortunatley he's not old enough for separation anxiety, so when I leave he doesn't cry. He's always happy to see me when I pick him up, though, and he smiles and kicks. Fortunately he takes the bottle like a champ when he's at daycare, and so far I've been able to pump plenty of milk for him at work. At home he transitions right back to nursing, so we have the best of both worlds.
This month he's found his toes, and it is oh so cute. He's also majorly into chewing on his fingers and teething on the side of the Moby. He's definitley teething now, but nothing has come through yet. He's also given up being swaddled--I just can't get it tight enough anymore. So he's been sleeping in his carseat more--it gives him the feeling of the swaddle without the actual swaddle. He's still getting up to nurse a few times a night--usually we transition to the couch when he wants to nurse and then he may go back in the car seat after that. In a way I kind of like our little night time meetings, since I'm away from him all day.
He's totally into his toys now too. He reaches for things and chews on them. He bats at the toys on his bouncy seat, thus activating the lights and music. He seems to like it. Plus, he's rolling over very confidently now from back to front. I suspect he could roll back the other way if he really set his mind to it, but so far he hasn't.

Its been a great month little Rainer. You are such a sweetie and I'm so glad you have come into our lives!

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