Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend Report

The weekend was a bit more relaxed this time, and I distributed my chores a bit better over both days (instead of doing everything on Sunday as I had the last two weekends). Figuring out how to manage my weekends will be key to managing this whole going back to work thing. Everything I can do early to get ready for the week is really really helpful--I just need to manage to have some relaxed time with the family as well. Saturday we went for our usual breakfast out then a hike close by. Sunday was our official Equinox tea, but it was very low key. Faith wasn't with us and I didn't prepare as much food. Ken actually ended up making the cucumber sandwiches and setting out what I had already made (mini carrot-wheat muffins, brown bear bars, and hard boiled eggs, which normally would have been made into deviled eggs) while I napped with the baby. That nap was maybe the highlight of my weekend. My favorite memory of the tea: Dieter sitting on the kitchen counter after the tea. He asked for a cookie (he hadn't had one yet) so I scraped the nuts off and gave him a small piece. He loved it and immediately got chocolate all over his face and fingers. I asked him if he was ready to be cleaned off and he was adamantly "no!!" while he intently licked his fingers. He was clearly still enjoying his chocolate experience, even if the cookie was all gone!

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