Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My New Breakfast Obsession

So I taught myself how to poach an egg, and let me just say, yum, yum. Two points for the egg, one or two points for an "alternative" bagel or whole wheat English muffin, one point for "light butter", and two points for a light yogurty. Very filling breakfast for seven points. Which brings me to my latest quandry--I've lost all this weight on Weight Watchers (10 pounds or so, which is very good) and now I'm contemplating what it's going to take to maintain this lower weight, which is what I consider to be my "ideal" weight, so to speak. (By the way, after 4 kids, my tummy totally still sticks out--that's another post). Anyway, I'm feeling discouraged, like I can't eat "normally", and maybe it's not worth it. Ken suggested upping the exercise, which is a good idea, but also in the course of talking about it with him I decided I haven't given maintenance much of a fair shot yet. So I'm going to stay the course for several weeks and see just what it takes to "maintain."
In other news, we had Rainer photographed here yesterday.

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