Friday, February 23, 2007


Good week. Yesterday Ken and I took Rainer to Santa Barbara in the rain. We ate at Tuttini's (I got their "Popeye Eggs"--poached eggs on spinach) and then walked around at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art for awhile with Rainer in the Moby. He really enjoyed the sights and also hanging out in the (very quiet) children's room on a blanket. It has been fun, yesterday, and earlier in the week when we had him photographed, to spend some family time with Rainer alone. He is such a sweet boy and I never want him to feel second fiddle to Dieter. Today is Friday and Rainer is 4 months old (happy birthday little baby!). We started with our usual Friday Weight Watchers meeting (I lost 1.0 and am feeling a lot better about maintenance) and this time we were joined by both Gam and Faith. Afterwards, we had a big shop-up at Macy's for an updated work wardrobe for me (and we found a graduation dress and shoes for Faith--yea!), then we had lunch at Applebee's and ordered off the Weight Watcher's menu (and split a full calorie dessert--and yes, I admit I ate most of it). Dieter has been super-cute as usual, and I just have to tell you that lately his two passions are getting ponytails (see photo) and running around the house playing "basketball girl" (see photo). So darling. Happy weekend all.

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Send pics when you get them.