Friday, May 20, 2016

dreamy :: practical -- spring weekend edition

Meadow walk

Heillo.  I'm so happy it is Friday and I'm in the mood for a little "dreamy/practical" action.  I'm so looking forward to the weekend and here is what I'd like to accomplish and do:


:: go out for Mexican food Friday night with Ken and the little boys and sit on the patio with chips and a drink
:: have coffee with half and half on a leisurely Saturday morning at home
:: go for a full hike, by myself, and walk and think.  "Long walks on the moors" is what I call these hikes
:: go to the club and swim and order lunch with the boys
:: have a chat with Ken in the back yard while the boys are playing inside (the closest thing we get to a date night lately)
:: paint my nails a fun color


:: mop the floors with my new steam mop (I'm obsessed with it!)
:: clean the bathroom (!)
:: wash the car with Dieter--we haven't done it in so long!
:: menu planning--trying to get back into a good groove

The photo above is from March, just around the Spring Equinox.  It's a local meadow preserve and it was at the height of wildflower season--so so pretty.  We should go back and see how it has progressed into late spring.

What are you up to this weekend?  I'd love to hear.


Gabi said...

Ah, so good to see you are back! I was just updating my blog and saw your update on the sidebar... Funny!
Weekend here will be all about summer preparations, cleaning the balcony, planting herbs, checking my wardrobe.
I hope you and your family are fine?
Greetings from Germany, Gabi

Mary Beth said...

Hi Gabi! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. You are such a good bloggy friend. I'm going to try to post much more. Have a fun summery weekend!

Greyhaven Pines said...

Sooo happy to see you posting, Mary Beth! I've missed your practical wisdom and lovely style. We're starting our spring clean up outside in the yard, planting lots of geraniums in pots, and heading to a lacrosse tournament.



Andrea said...

How fun to see you back! My weekend plans (half-over already) include dreamy birthday pizza and ice cream and watching The Terminator with my biggest (now 15-year-old!) and Sunday birthday party with the two littlest (now not-so-little 11!!) and lots of practical getting ready for and cleaning up from both!

Mary Beth said...

Hi Andrea! Hi Joyce! How fun to see you both back here and commenting. It's like a little old-school bloggers reunion. Thanks for checking in! I hope your weekend plans went well. Andrea--happy birthday to your kids!