Sunday, March 11, 2012

waffles and hello

"waffles of insane greatness"

Sorry for the long silence. Thanks to those of you who checked on us. We are fine. I've been in a quiet mood--meaning that for a variety of reasons I haven't felt like/been able to blog. I'm trying to give up evening blogging all together, but there is really no other time. I'm trying to figure it out. In truth, I really like keeping the blog current and blogging in general makes me happy. In the meantime, while I sort all that out, I have a waffle recipe to recommend to you. I made the "waffles of insane greatness" found here. I used all buttermilk and they were delicious. I'm still adjusting to my new wafflemaker--trying to get a super crispy exterior. I think I need to keep these cooking a bit after the 'green' indicator comes on. That said, these were super delicious and flavorful (and super easy to whip up too). I'd love to try the yeasted waffle recipe from that same link. Maybe next weekend. I think a Sunday morning waffle ritual is so uplifting, don't you?

waffles sunday morning

How are you enjoying the time change? So far I like it--I love a light evening and a light dinner table. It will be a different story tomorrow morning when I wake at 5:30 and it feels like 4:30. Ugh! Wishing you a smoother transition than I expect to have.


Amy said...

I've been checking in to see when you'd return. You've been through so much lately. I'm sure you're exhausted, understandably. I appreciate you sharing your life with us. You give us new ideas, recipes, reminders of the important things in life. You're inspiring. Take care of yourself an find balance. Many of us are Mamas like you, we understand. Sending you stength.

Sarah said...

any time we get additional sunshine it is awesome! I love knowing that we're getting more outdoor time to spend together doing things like after dinner walks or just tossing the football in the yard :)
Oh, and we had lovely waffles today, too. One of the few things I can create while our kitchen is under construction! Have a fab week :)

eidolons said...

I have found that with waffles, replacing a small bit (1/4 cup or so for a large batch) of flour with corn startch helps make them crispy. Well, crispier, anyway. (:

valérie said...

Thanks for the recipe and for the update...I was beginning to wonder if everything was ok! Have agreat week :)

flying tortilla said...

I'm glad to see you're back. I've been thinking of you all. I'm sure it's tough to work, blog, and create all that you do for your family. Finding balance is never easy and it usually requires saying no at times, even to those things we really like. You do inspire me and I've learned a lot from your blog. Take care and enjoy the extra sunshine.

Elizabeth said...

Welcome back and wishing the best to you in the figuring it out department; let me know the answer, please, when you get it? :)

Seriously, take care. I hope the morning time change was unexpectedly exuberant and easy. All the best,

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back :o)

Jennifer said...

Those waffles look incredible! You write one of my favorite blogs. I hope you are able to keep it up as I so enjoy your words and photos. You are inspiring.

Laura said...

glad you checked in - i was hoping everything was ok. you do so much - days off here to take care of yourself & your family is important.
the time change has made us super tired here, but we're grateful for the extra daylight at the end of the day.
sunday waffles sound yummy! we need to invest in a new waffle maker first!