Monday, March 19, 2012

hello monday! {linking up with lisa}

78/366 :: sunday in the park
Hello Monday!
Hello blast of winter, cold temps, and rain (it didn't keep the boys from playing in sandals, though.).
Hello dreaming of spring break and Costanoa.
Hello Faith (I'm picking her up on Thursday--her spring break is next week. Can't wait to see my girl. We will shop and eat soft pretzels :)

77/366 :: on the mantle currently
Hello clean house, laundry folded, and lunches packed and in the fridge the night before.
Hello work week and Monday commute with coffee.
Hello browsing through the Boden catalog (strictly for inspiration--still fun).

dinner at chipotle {ken out of town}
Hello dinner at Chipotle (I adore the little trays the kids' meals come out on--everything has its own section.)
Hello books and reading (I'm reading The Help on my iPad. The boys and I are loving digging out favorites from the bookshelves).

weekend drawing
Hello creative boys.
Hello dinners planned and groceries bought for the week.

I'm pretty ready for the new week. I can hardly believe we're more than halfway through March. And the first day of spring is nearly upon us (crazy!).

I'm linking up with Lisa for Hello Monday. What are you saying hello to in this brand new week?

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