Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Skinny

At this time of year, post Christmas and post birthday month (and post nurses conference too, sometimes) my thoughts turn to health and nutrition. Just last night Ken was reading an article in one of his science magazines about Alzheimer's which said that age is the biggest risk factor (of course) but healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise) is the biggest risk factor you can control. There are so many reasons to stay healthy! Especially since we are "older" parents I think we are especially motivated.

So lately I've been reading this book called "The Skinny." I love it.
The Skinny: How to Fit into Your Little Black Dress Forever
The title suggests that the focus is more on vanity, and perhaps it is, but this is really a healthy eating plan in disguise. Actually, it's not even a plan. It's more a way of organizing your thoughts around how you are going to accomplish eating less (when it comes to fattening foods) and eating a lot more (when it comes to fruits and veggies). The two authors are very conversational in their approach. One is a food writer and naturally content with smaller portions (although she has had a bit of experience losing weight after college) the other is a mom and likes to eat more. If the book were just written by the food writer (Melissa) it would be annoying. Robin adds a nice voice for those of us with heartier appetites.

And all the advice is refreshingly down to earth. They recommend eating half of that gourmet donut you just bought, or the cake slice or whatever, buy hey, even if you were only able to throw away the last bite, that is a start and is its own accomplishment and is good practice for the next time when you will leave more. Their approach reminds me of when I've done Weight Watchers in the past and have learned to eat what everyone else is having, just in smaller portions. The trick is not to feel all whiny and deprived about it, and that is where this book is a nice reference.

The back of the book has lots of yummy looking recipes. I made the tofu sticks this weekend but most of the recipes have lots of veggies, yummy salads and things, which I plan to make soon.

It's voting day! Hooray! The election seems so exciting this year. We'll be walking to out polling place with both babies--they go with us every year, including when Rainer was very small last year. Happy voting everyone.


Carrie said...

Is that tofu? I've been buying pieces of Carrot Cake from the Merc. I think I'm addicted. They are far to big to eat in one sitting, not that it's stopped me. (I have actually lost some weight recently though.) Anyway, to my point...I have a hard time throwing food away. Of all things that one can do to make the world worse, that seems most wasteful to me. So, I'm trying very hard to just always start with less. Ordering a la carte at restaurants is a good place to start. And since it is just Anna and I, I buy what will make one serving and then split it.

tess said...

so were the tofu sticks good?
it sounds like a great book.

Sarah said...

Yes, I'd also like to know how the tofu sticks turned out.

Kate said...

i would LOVE to have the recipe for those tofu sticks? is that soy sauce? yum!! let me know how they were and how to make them!!