Monday, March 24, 2014

english muffin toasting bread

I love toast. When I came across this recipe for English muffin bread (via Pinterest), I knew I had to make it.  This weekend I finally remembered to buy the bread flour it calls for and I whipped this up on Sunday.  It's a truly easy recipe--I love the soft bread dough recipes, the ones you stir up with a wooden spoon and that require no kneading. 

So my honest review is that this tastes delish, but it really bothers me that it will not brown up when toasted.  No matter how long I toast it, it will burn at the edges before really becoming brown and toasty.  That almost makes this a non-repeater for me.  I want my toast to be toasty!  That said, this does have a deep, toasty flavor that truly is reminiscent of an English muffin.  Also, the texture is super crisp and crunchy, which I love. 

I want to do a side-by-side comparison between this vs. this bread as toast.  My mind is already turning towards summer when I can bake a lot of bread recipes and compare them as toast. 

Thanks so much to everyone who has been stopping by and commenting.  It's so nice to still have readers, despite my infrequent posting.  Thank you!

PS--this article is a fascinating read about the toast craze that is sweeping San Francisco.  Do read it--it's more about mental illness and the lack of support there is for mentally ill adults, but it is also very inspiring because this particular woman has found a way to survive and thrive.  I loved it.  The same story as a podcast is on the current episode of This American Life (episode #520--"No Place Like Home"  (listen through to the end--it's the last story).


catie said...

hi, mary beth!
i agree, my toast needs to be toasty.
but i had no idea that toast was the "tip of the hipster spear" as the article suggests.
i've been making avocado toast for 20 years & now everyone is doing it.
it's even served in restaurants.

i'd love to see a dreamy/practical post sometime ~ love those.
and also your outfit posts.
so good to see you here.

Mary Beth said...

Hi Catie! What a sweet comment. Thank you! I love avocado toast too. Yum!

Re. the outfit posts, I miss them too! I'm still hugely interested in the topic. Maybe I'll put one up from time to time still. I'm just the least photogenic person in the universe so I need to figure that out. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

Mary Beth

CountryGirl said...

I still follow you Mary Beth! I miss seeing what you have been up to! :)

Mary Beth said...

Thanks, Country Girl. I really want to be here more often. I'm figuring out how to adapt to my current life. We'll see!