Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Madrid, Spain

You guys, I never meant to abandon the blog for so long.  I'm sorry if any of you were checking back and wondering.  I still want to do the blog, I just haven't figured out how to fit in blogging in my current life.  I used to make it a big priority, and now I just don't want to anymore.  But I do want to fit in a bit every week.  I just need to figure out when.

Faith is spending an academic year in Madrid, Spain, so the day after Christmas I flew out to visit her.  Wow!  Madrid.  I never would have made it to Madrid if Faith had not been there.  Admittedly, I had no curiosity about Spain (I do have tons of interest and curiosity in the UK or any of the Scandinavian countries, or France).  On the other hand, Madrid is way more exotic than those other places because many people just don't travel there.  I loved all the old buildings and beautiful architechture, and its European-ness.  Perhaps you can tell by the photos that we valued being together, going around, having tea and drinks and meals, but didn't make it to any tourist attractions.  I'm okay with that.  I just wanted to spend time with my girl.

What are your experiences with Spain?  Anyone been to Madrid?

Hopefully I'll be back soon to blog about Christmas.

Happy January!


Gabi B. said...

So good to see you back on the blog. Looks like you had a lovely time with your daughter. I cannot imagine being seperated from my son for so long! As I child, I spent many summers on the Costa Brave, later we went to Barcelona, what a wonderful city! Life there was so relaxed, although I am not sure about this with the economic crisis right now. Could you send me some of those Churros, or some olives, please? I would happily trade for some Milka chocolate... :-)

Andrea said...

Looks gorgeous (and yummy!) the perfect way to spend a vacation! Good luck figuring out the blog/life balance. ;)

Our Adventures As A Family of 4.... said...

I really enjoy reading your blog MaryBeth and liked your fashion blog too. I know as a working mom it's hard to find the balance, but I do enjoy reading about you and your family, your creations, etc. I hope you can find time to update us when you can. I find blogging sometimes is hard to do or I can't find a topic when life is sort of dull so that's a challenge for me.

I am glad you got to go to Madrid. I lived in the UK (my dad and his family were British)for 6 mos out of high school and made family trips to Scotland as well as all around the UK for a few years (till I moved out on my own and didn't have money to travel and then my cousins moved to Malaga, Spain).

You can learn so much from traveling and seeing the sights. I have not been to Spain and not sure with the family that we could make a trip, but maybe some day. I bet Faith will really enjoy this experience.


Karen said...

i've missed your old blog terribly. but, i understand. i used to post a lot more, too. sometimes i just want to LIVe ya know? anyway glad you are there and are doing so well. i will always check back here to see what changes!! still a faithful lurker/reader. :-)

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for stopping and and commenting you guys. I so appreciate your kind words here. I'm kind of feeling encouraged to blog a little more. I hope I do!

Gabi B--ha! If you have access to Milka chocolate at all times you are lucky! You are right--the churros and olives were delish.

Holly C. said...

How wonderful and exciting! Beautiful pics-thank you for sharing!

Kristen said...

I've missed you! (And your fashion blog too!) Loved seeing your pics with your daughter. I always have admired the sweet relationship you have with your children.

Anonymous said...

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