Thursday, June 21, 2012

palm springs trip

Ace Palm Springs Ace Palm Springs art in our room view from the hotel (Ace Palm Springs) Pool area at Ace Palm Springs. view from the waiting area (Palm Springs aerial tramway) view from the aerial tramway meadow in the high desert Jeffrey pines Palm Springs Ken in Palm Springs converted Denny's in Palm Springs (at our hotel) heading out of the desert; stopped to grab a date shake.

Ken and I took a short trip to the desert--to kick off the summer and to celebrate our tenth anniversary.  Dieter and Rainer stayed with my parents (plus Jacob and Faith were there too, and they helped with the boys) and it worked out wonderfully.  We had such a fun and relaxed time.  It was really great to get away after the stress of the school year.  This trip really helped me relax into summer.

I loved the hotel where we stayed--the Ace Hotel Palm Springs.  To be honest, when we got there I thought we had landed in a too-hip, too-young scene, but it turned out that the atmosphere is super-inclusive to everyone.  All the staff was super nice and helpful and we ended up feeling totally comfortable there.  I loved the design of the place--so beautiful and desert-y--I really appreciated that they weren't trying to make it look all green and not-in-the-desert.  Instead, the hotel blended with its surroundings. 

On the second day we took the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to the high desert mountains above.  It was fantastic!  The tram is super smooth and fast--I wasn't squeamish about the heights at all--and at the top it is 40 degrees cooler with pines and meadows.  Such a change after such a short (10 minute) tram ride.  We loved hiking around up there and smelling the trees.  And we split a crazy burger in the restaurant up there.  So fun!

Now I'm a huge Palm Springs fan.  We had so much fun, we're even thinking of taking the boys there sometime for a hot-weather, off-season visit. 


Tammie said...

beautiful pictures!

and when did you get abs?! you look great!

Valérie (Poetic chronicles) said...

Oh, what a great trip! Looks amazing! I love your shirt and dress by the way: very stylish!

Rain said...

Looks amazing. Happy Anniversary!!