Monday, June 4, 2012

hello monday!

Ken and I had a little Sunday "lunch date" and walked around Green Thumb--photos below. succulents pottery pottery ken and me date at green thumb garden balls succulents

Hello Monday!
Hello last week of school.
Hello finishing up the school year and wrapping up loose ends.
Hello last week of making lunches the night before (oh how nice it will be to have a break from that).

Hello gray skies of "June Gloom" (you are right on time).
Hello cool mornings and layering.
Hello little berry harvests in our back yard.
Goodbye navel oranges--I am missing you so much already and the store bought oranges don't compare! (luckily our Valencias will be ready in a couple weeks).
Hello succulents and new house plants.
Hello summer.  I am so glad you are almost here!

What are some of your plans for the summer?  I have a lot of lists going on in my head, but nothing written down yet.  On my mind right now--Palm Springs, our anniversary, and summer birthdays.  

I am linking up with Lisa again this week for Hello Monday.  


Denise said...

I love those succulents!
Happy Monday.

Nettie said...

What gorgeous succulents. There are some there that I can't get here, and I'm so jealous.

Heather said...

What beautiful photos! I just planted succulents in our front yard, and I am excited to watch them grow.