Friday, May 4, 2012

my week in instagram

Seen on my walk
This was parked a few blocks away.  Quite something, huh?
Stone wall repair
This stone wall toppled in a recent storm.  They seem to be rebuilding it, but slowly.
Boys in the morning
The boys were up early the other morning, while I was still home and making my breakfast.
Sandwiches and tomato soup
I made grilled cheese and tomato soup on a chilly and misty evening.  It was fun using our own tomatoes from last September (from frozen).
Birthday party
On Sunday we attended a pirate party.  The boys had so much fun with those hats.
124/366 :: seen on my walk
Loved finding this little stand around the corner from us.
123/366 :: toasty
A very typical lunch for me (plus fruit, vegs, cornichons, and a small square of dark chocolate).  The bagel is toasted of course. 
122/366 :: having a cuppa
Licorice tea has a lot of natural sweetness.
Another rose
Can't stop photographing roses around the neighborhood.
I am so enjoying my photo a day project. It really stretches me to notice things and to be aware of the beauty all around me. And there is so much beauty!

I try to post at least one photo to Instagram each day, but I often post 2 or 3 (and then choose my favorite to add to 366). I doubt my photography skills are actually improving--these are just iPhone photos after all--but I just love the challenge and the awareness it brings.

PS--can you even believe the rose in that last photo?  Gah!

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