Monday, February 6, 2012

abstract heart garland

{paper hearts}

I was long overdue to change out the "Happy Birthday" garland that had been up in the living room since New Year's Day. January is certainly a birthday month for us, but keeping that banner up into February is ridiculous!

I wanted to do something for Valentine's day, but wasn't sure what I would do. I assumed probably construction paper hearts, but then started messing around with cutting hearts from pages of old Anthropologie catalogs. I really liked them and thought they looked sort of abstract and interesting. I love hearts in non-traditional colors (although I adore them in red and pink as well).

abstract heart garland

Although it probably did not turn out to be the best choice, I was determined to mount these hearts on brown paper. I cut squares and put a heart shaped glob of glue stick on each square then stuck on a heart.
abstract heart garland
{heart garland}

I hung them on the art wire in the living room. I was disappointed (a bit) that the hearts really don't show up from a distance. But oh well, they are still kind of interesting to look at up close. (And that birthday banner really did need to come down!)

abstract heart garland

abstract heart garland

I do think these pretty hearts would be great mounted on white card stock, to be sent out as valentines.


Rain said...

I do like this idea of cutting hearts out of catalogs. I love those little clips. Where are they from?


Erin said...

I love the idea of cutting these hearts out of an Anthropologie catalog. I don't have any around the house though because I toss them as soon as they come so that I'm not tempted. I think your result is lovely. Great idea!

Melissa Nichols said...

Are those clips fairly easy to find? Can you tell me what kind of store to look in? Staples, Target?? I need an art line in my sewing/computer area ;o)

barbara said...

cute idea!
we use my anthropologie catalogs for crafts and paper mache all the time. some things we've covered are a hat box, some cereal boxes(cut for magazine storage), and ann wood's awesome paper mache boat pattern and tea cup pattern.
the pages also make great envelopes.
so sad that i rarely actually shop from the catalog these days:o)

Sophia said...

This is a great idea! This is something the little ones can do easily. I think may have to go out and get some of those clips!

Mary Beth said...

Rain and Melissa--the little clips are from Ikea, in the curtain section (they are meant to clip a curtain onto a line). If you don't have an Ikea nearby, maybe check Target??

Thanks for the nice comments, everyone.